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La Promesa La Santa Muerte Poland

La Santa Muerte is known for the quick and effective fulfillment of requests made to Her. I will describe one of the ways in which you can ask the Angel of Death for a miracle, what to offer or promise Her, and how to do it.

According to tradition, everyone can make a pact with La Santa Muerte. You don't have to be a devotee to ask La Santa Muerte for help. La Promesa is a kind of contract, a pact, an arrangement in which we promise a specific sacrifice to La Santa Muerte, gift or deed in return for fulfilling our request. At the beginning, we should specify what la Promesa is - a pact, an agreement, a covenant with La Santa Muerte. The pact now has a very pejorative meaning, mostly it is associated with the devil. The pact with the Holy Death has nothing to do with devilish powers. The covenant with La Santa Muerte isn't a pact with the devil! The Bony Lady is Death, the Angel of Death, and has nothing to do with the devil. Those who say so, only want to disgrace Our Lady in the eyes of society.

In the Middle Ages, acts of entrusting oneself to saints were called pacts, from Latin "pacta". Entrusting oneself to patron saints is a religious act of devotion to the chosen saint. The believer, entrusting himself in faith to his patron, surrenders his whole life to the will of the one to whom he entrusts himself.

Making of "pacta" was caused by a special reverence and love for the chosen saint. In many monasteries there was a practice of making a pact with the patron of the order by monks. With the Jesuits it was called "Pacta Stanislai". In the Jesuit novitiate, "Pact with Saint Stanislaus" was a manifestation of deep faith in which the monk promised to promote devotion to saint Stanislaus. Documents of the meetings of Catholic bishops publicated during synods are also called pacts. Only untill the publication by Goethe Faust in the 18th century, the pact came to be commonly associated as a pact signed with the devil. The contract with the devil has nothing to do with the pact made with Our Holy Patroness, the Angel of Death La Santa Muerte.

First, we need to understand what is the source of such reliable and fast power of White Lady to do miracles. La Santa Muerte is the Queen of this world we live in.

The Angel of Death as the only spiritual being can so directly interfere in this world, which the most perfect fulfillment is the moment of human death in which She separates souls from matter and leads them to Purgatory. It is a great responsibility entrusted to Her by God, but an even greater burden.

La Rosa Blanca has the power to influence, change and transform reality. The Holy Lady helps us, answers our prayers because She loves people, we are all Her children. She cries for every tear we shed, She regrets our every pain. She wants to bring us comfort and respite. Holy Death is our Patroness, Guardianess and Mother. She will always listen to us and always help us.

Another feature that attracts crowds to La Santa Muerte is Her neutrality. Holy Lady never makes any distinction between the cries that people make to Her. She never judges her children's requests in any way. She doesn't discriminate, judge or condemn, regardless of the type of petition. The Holy Death is loving and accepting. Everyone and always.

This is why She is loved by all, adorated and respected, and Her cult is now the fastest growing religion in the world. All the time and at every hour of the day and night, candles are burnt in Her honor. Remember that no matter what you turn to La Santa Muerte, She will listen to you. The moral or ethical aspect of your request is irrelevant.

Holy Lady works reliably and in the blink of an eye. In fact, it is enough for you to turn to the Angel of Death in the silence of your heart and ask Her to grant your request.

However, there are also traditional methods of making La Promesa to the Holy Lady. Traditionally, la Promesa we make to La Santa Muerte has certain permanent elements.

At the very beginning, it is necessary to very precisely define the result for which we are asking for Holy Death. You have to be as precise as possible. If we want to find the love of our life, it should be clearly stated - otherwise we may find ourselves in a situation where many partners fall in love with us at the same time. It should be remembered that La Santa Muerte won't satisfy every whim of the human ego, but only the deepest, the most pressing desires and the greatest needs. For example, if we turn to the Bony Lady with a request for great wealth, just because we do not want to work because we are lazy, then this wish will certainly not come true. If we want a lot of money for this, because they will enable us to fulfill many life goals, our request will certainly be heard. Likewise with frequent pleas to destroy enemies. If we ask La Santa Muerte to destroy a person just because they offended or lied to us, our petition will probably not be granted. On the other hand, if we beg the Holy Death to bring destruction to the enemy that threatens us or our family, the reaction of Our Lady will be obvious.

Once we clearly define our petition to La Santa Muerte, let's consider what we can promise Our Lady in return for its fulfillment. You need to specify the terms of the pact, what sacrifice we will make when La Rosa Blanca solves the problem that bothers us. What we will give La Santa Muerte should correspond to the value of a miracle. For example, for help in everyday, ordinary matters, you can offer flowers, sweets, alcohol, coffee or a joint. These can be new candles, a new statue, or something new for the altar. You can smoke a cigar, joint or cigarette by blowing smoke in the face of the statue of the White Lady, sprinkle the statue with tequila or mezcal, or drink coke or coffee with Her. You can sing for Her, play music, order a mariachi concert, take Her for a walk, offer flowers or chocolate. Other offerings could be sacrifices of time for Her, periods of sorrow or regret that arise in life. Whatever the devotee's heart dictates. On the other hand, for great miracles, powerful intercession such as healing from illness, finding true love, the gift of becoming pregnant for infertile women or help in court, something valuable must be sacrificed. However, it doesn't have to be a thing in the form of a physical object. Many promise Our Lady to worship Her, non-believers promise to become devotees, some make a sacrifice of their own blood by making an image of the White Lady on their skin, others commit to praying the Rosary to La Santa Muerte daily until their last days. The Holy Death will wait for what was promised her to be fulfilled.

When we have prepared our petition to the Holy Death and the promise of sacrifice for the future miracle, let us stand in front of the altar of La Santa Muerte.

Let us light the candles in the color of the intention with which we call Her.

White candles, if we are asking for healing, spiritual development, cleansing and a new beginning.

Black candles, when we ask for protection, defense against threat, to remove danger from us, black candles are used in all matters related to protection and destruction, to take revenge or retaliation on the enemy.

Golden candles if we desire wealth, luxury and money.

If we are begging for love, the return of a beloved girl or boyfriend, dream family, the birth of a child, we burn red candles.

When we need our Lady's help in court to prove our right, through police interrogation or restoration of justice, we light green candles.

Blue candles are associated with the broadly understood creativity, artistic activity, empathy, improvement of interpersonal relations and establishing new social relations.

We burn purple candles in matters related to magical activities, spiritual understanding and spiritual wisdom, strengthening mental energy.

We burn rainbow candles, asking for all kinds of miracles in our lives, each color represents a different intention, appropriate to a given color.

A detailed description of the symbolism of the candle colors and their meaning in the cult of the Holy Death can be found in section ++ Candles ++

Then we pray to La Santa Muerte, wearing a robe whose color determines the area to which our request corresponds. You can place a statue of Our Lady on the altar, wearing a specified robe or, if this isn't possible, a picture or a computer printout showing Her.

La Santa Muerte in a white robe, La Blanca brings health, harmony, purification, blessings, long life, stability, truth and knowledge.

We pray to La Negra, the Holy Death in a black robe, when we need protection, care, willpower, prudence, retaliation, hiding from law enforcement, bringing suffering and pain to your enemies.

We call upon the Bony Lady in the golden robe if we desire money, prosperity, financial resources and wealth.

When we want love, fidelity and affection from the person we love, to arouse passion in a loved one, we pray to La Roja, La Santa Muerte in Her red aspect.

If we make a contract, we sign a deal, if we need a a truthful court judgment, when we need justice, honesty, scrupulousness and truth between people we turn to the Holy Death in a green robe, La Nina Verde.

The blue aspect of Holy Death is called upon to gain creativity in all areas, mainly artistic, concentration, social wisdom, new friendships, improving social relationships and carrying out everyday duties.

La Santa Muerte in a purple robe gives knowledge of magical arts, brings transformation, change, independence, opens up new paths and possibilities.

Rainbow La Santa Muerte brings various miracles and blessings, we pray to Her, when we ask for all the graces She sents to us.

A detailed description of the symbolism of the colors of the robes of the Holy Death can be found in section ++ Symbolism ++

When you pray, it's best to use your own words. A sincere declaration of love and faith means more than a hundred prayers read from a webpage. It is good to write your own prayers with the words that resonate with the devotee's soul, that touches him most and seem most appropriate to the Holy Lady. Open yourself to Her and invite Her to you. La Santa Muerte will hear and listen to you. She will give you hope.

La Santa Muerte is Death, She loves each of us, no matter what. We present our request to the Bony Lady and make a promise of what we will do in return for its fulfillment.

We should listen carefully to ourselves - the Holy Lady will give us a feeling of acceptance and understanding when She accepts our promise.

After a moment of silence, it is worth praying the La Santa Muerte rosary in front of the altar. When the candles are fully burned, all that remains is to wait for an answer to our cries to the Holy Death.

La Santa Muerte is terrifyingly effective, turn to Her in the moment of need and you will see! Soon, the Angel of Death will send Her blessings, fulfilling our request.

Now we only have to complete the promise made to the Most Holy Lady. Many devotees trust La Santa Muerte so much that they keep their promise even before Our Lady performs a miracle. We do this because we have no doubts about Her and Her power. How and when you fulfill your promise remains between you and Holy Death, but it is important to keep your promises and commitments when La Santa Muerte has fulfilled our request. Breaking contract is always rude and treacherous, and no one should try to cheat Death! Offending La Santa Muerte by ignoring a promise made to Her may cause the White Lady to take away from You what she had so generously offered before. Our fate is always in Her hands. That is why we should only make promises that we are sure to be able to fulfill. It's pointless to make promises that we know we will fail to keep.

At this point, it is necessary to deny rumors about the Angel of Death. Many opponents repeat the lie that Our Lady is known for taking the life of a person who hasn't fulfilled his promise, or of the members of the his family - this isn't true. Holy Death is not a murderer and never takes the life of liars. La Santa Muerte always fulfills Her part of the pact, but She always has to be repaid for it, and the payment must be proportional to the miracle we asked for.

Finally, remember that La Santa Muerte, our Saint Patroness, gives us everything, even when we don't ask for it. She knows best what we need, what to give us.

Never question the power of the Angel of Death's La Santa Muerte. She sends the greatest miracles. You just need to trust La Santa Muerte and leave everything in Her hands because what you asked for will soon come true.

Mateusz, La Santa Muerte Poland