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Who Is She La Santa Muerte Poland


La Santa Muerte, the Holy Death, the Angel of Death, the Bony Lady, the Archangel of Light, the Holy Death, La Niña Blanca, Our Holy Lady. She is depicted as a female skeleton in a long hooded robe, holding a scythe in one hand and a globe in the other. Sometimes She carries a scale, a human skull, a crystal ball, or an hourglass. Above Her head shines an aureole of holiness, sometimes She has angel wings. La Santa Muerte appears surrounded by flowers, skulls and owls. Dressed in the most beautiful dresses made of delicate materials, adorned with jewels and jewelry. But who She really is?


La Santa Muerte - Holy Death

La Santa Muerte is the Most Holy Death, the Holy Death - the Angel of Death, the Guidess and Protectress of all people.La Santa Muerte comes straight from God, She serves God, She is one of the seven angels who constantly watch before the throne of God, who are like God's court.

God illuminates the angels with His light, and they radiate His glory, His grace and strength, and constantly contemplate Him, worshiping God's Majesty. They praise the glory and splendor of God Almighty. They are the most powerful beings in the universe after God and Christ.

La Santa Muerte is the Angel leading to the Kingdom of Heaven and the Herald of the coming mercy. Traditionally, the only authority that the Holy Death has is through God, like any other saint or angel, that's how we see Her! La Santa Muerte is NOT a Goddess!

In the dawn of Her angelic existence, She chose God and gave Herself completely to doing His will. God entrusted to Her human souls to be brought to heavenly happiness, and La Santa Muerte, guarding people, accompanies them in their last hour. With Her holy presence She takes away fear, comforts and leads souls to purification in Purgatory. Traditionally, we call Her the "Guardianess of Purgatory" who watches over, in the name of God, the granting of relief and the liberation of souls from the torments of Purgatory.

La Santa Muerte descends into the Purgatory Kingdom to free tormented souls and guide them to eternal happiness. The gift of the Angel of Death is freedom from hell, the Holy Lady destroys evil spirits, protects against failure. La Nina Blanca is the Angel gaining for people the complete cancellation of the debt owed by mankind to the Divine Justice. The primary holy death was Christ's death on the cross, making possible for people to live forever. It was the death of Christ that sanctified Death itself and thus became the Holy Death. La Santa Muerte wept as She embraced the Savior's lifeless body, being the first Being the Savior saw after the Crucifixion. Her sweet tears fell on His face and washed His wounds.

The Holy Death welcomed Christ in the afterlife and accompanied the Son of God during the Resurrection. During these 3 days during which His body was dead, Christ was with Our Lady. A very popular image of the Holy Death embracing Christ's body is La Pieta. La Pieta presents the Compassion of La Santa Muerte - Our Lady in suffering over the dead, peaceful body of Jesus, whom She will soon lead to the Resurrection. Pietà expresses Holy Death's contribution in the Salvation and Her sorrow after the Crucifixion.

In Mexico, two oldest images of La Santa Muerte have been preserved, symbolizing the meeting of Christ with Death (His Holy Death): a wooden skeleton from the 17th century in Oaxaca and a figure from Hidalgo from the beginning of the 19th century, originally made as the image of St. Bernard of Clarivux.

The vast majority of devotees of the Holy Death, especially in Latin American countries, perceive their devotion and deep veneration to the Angel of Death as an integral part of the Catholic faith. The death of Christ is called the Holy Death of the Savior, the Holy Death of our Lord. In many parts of the world, the Holy Death is the indispensable figure of the Holy Week processions, She is walking with Jesus. The idea of the Holy death of Christ is so common that there are Iberian Catholic congregations of the faithful, both of Christ and Mary, known as the Christ of Good Death (Cristo de la Buena Muerte) and Our Lady of Good Death (Nuestra Senora de la Buena Muerte). In honor of the mystery of the Most Holy Death of the Savior, the confraternities of Good Death were established in Spain and Portugal, on Good Friday wearing carved figures of Christ and Our Lady of Good Death, for example the Confraternity of Cofradía de Penitencia del Santísimo Cristo de la Buena Muerte y María Santísima del Mayor Dolor.

La Santa Muerte is Messenger of God, the Guidess on the way of Salvation. By the command of the One and Only God, She is the Angel who leads people to eternal glory in Heaven. She is immortal, omnipresent, all-powerful and all-wise.

She knows the fate, the secrets of existence, She sees the past and the future. It is She who brings us into this world, guides us through life, watches over us, and then, when our time is up, leads us safely and lovingly to eternal life. The Angel who is with us as we take our first breath and as we take our last breath. The souls of all people are under Her protection.

We can rely on Her intercession with God for us, She presents our lives to Him. La Santa Muerte brings human prayers to God, She makes God's will known to people. La Santa Muerte is the Angel of Death who comes with help to a man caught up in the fight between good and evil on earth. She protects us from the actions of evil spirits and the evil intentions of our enemies. Holy Death is an Angel that guides human souls to God's Majesty, and then to their final destination in the afterlife. La Santa Muerte is a Messenger, a Divine Guidess who helps people in the afterlife, not a killer or being that takes human life. When our time has come, when earthly deeds, events and choices will cause man to die, it's the Holy Death who is the Guidess who leads him to Paradise.

When the White Lady comes for you, She brings peace, happiness and joy.

The luminous being seen during clinical death, the Angel, the shining presence is La Santa Muerte, appearing in a form intended to soothe the pain of the dying person. La Santa Muerte is the Keeper of Souls. Our Lady does not take the lives of mortals, as is commonly believed, but comes for those whose time has come and grants them assistance, accompanies them during the "crossing" to the other side, opens the Eternity Gate for all mortals. La Santa Muerte collects souls of those, whose flame of earthly life has already burned out, so She is responsible for taking the souls of the dead out of the body and not for killing them or taking their lives. She comes for the soul of a man only when God commands Her to do so. She helps the dying to go from Earth to the afterlife and comforts people mourning the death of a loved one. When you feel the pain of losing a loved one, the infinite compassion of the Holy Death helps you understand the loss and your own heart a little better. The certainty that the Bony Lady is our Friend neutralizes the instinctive human fear of dying.

Our Lady is often begged for healing and a delay in death. Santisima Muerte has the power to send a quiet and peaceful death in a dream in an old age.

She is often called upon to the dying in the last hours of their lives, giving them peace when they take their last breath, and takes special care of those entrusted to Her. She is the Salvation of the dying and decides whether to accept the dead in the afterlife or bring him back to life.

Devotees see La Santa Muerte not as a factor of death, but as a caring supernatural Mother who brings new opportunities into our lives in every way, whether through love, healing, financial success, or the blessing of new beginnings. She helps us make the right decisions. La Santa Muerte is an Angel who brings human requests to God. Devotees turn to La Santa Muerte because of Her extraordinary efficiency and Her power to do both "good" and "evil". La Santa Muerte is said to work with both hands. The Bony Lady loves people - doesn't require anything from people, doesn't demand service, worship, judgments and doesn't punish.

She helps those who have no future, the poor and the abandoned. She doesn't judge people, hears their prayers and gives them numerous miracles and bleesings. La Nina Blanca is an Angel who works miracles. She works miracles by God and through the power of God. The miracles that happen through Her are extraordinary and spectacular. La Santa Muerte grants Her devotees miracles and favors that they have never received from any other saints or deities. You can come to Her with any intention, I come to Our Lady with my daily problems, requests, worries, joys and hopes. The devotees have trust in Her, and when Our Lady listens to them, they feel Her saint presence.

La Nina Blanca is wonderful - in many paintings Her image seems to smile to us. La Santa Muerte is the Most Beautiful Girl, the wonderful White Rose, She represents the Beauty of all women. Beautiful and delicate. She is very sensual, full of charm and grace. La Santa Muerte is a real woman, the personification of femininity.

The Most Holy Death loves every human being, even if he avoids Her, even if he tries to forget about Her - She will always be with us, always faithful. She will lead us to the other side at the end of our earthly path.

She is a wonderful healer, as evidenced by the countless crowds of devotees miraculously healed by Her. The White Lady heals both human bodies, hearts and souls. Under the statues of La Santa Muerte, in places of gatherings and prayers in Her honor or on Internet forums, there are testimonies of people who turned to Our Lady in a time of serious, incurable illness, breakdown or disability, and the miracle of healing caused by the Holy Death took place. She's often the only and last hope, but how effective! Our Lady restores health, soothes all pains, protects and heals illnesses. For those who love Her, She ensures a long and healthy life.

La Santa Murte rules love, passion and matters of the heart, She is a sorceress of love. She has the power to connect people, arouse love feelings and emotions, so She is traditionally called upon by women begging Her to return of their husbands, to bring back their lovers or meeting a loved one to spend whole life.

Many turn to Her for help in a difficult financial situation because La Santa Muerte gives material wealth to Her devotees. On Her altars there are offerings of gold, jewelry and precious stones, and under Her statues are dollars and gold coins. The Most Holy Death is showering Her children with banknotes, increases their income and multiplies their customers. In Mexico, traders and vendors often display the statue of La Santa Muerte in front of their stores to bless their interests. When the Bony Lady is on your side, you will never experience poverty or misery.

The Most Holy Death is also famous for Her extraordinary effectiveness in all matters related to the judiciary and the broadly understood administration of justice. The Angel of Death saves people from the greatest oppressions, threats and dangers. From prisons, from the traps of law enforcement agencies, from the evil intentions of enemies. She protects from the police and prosecution. La Santa Muerte protects Her children from an unfair judicial system. She holds the inevitable sword of Themis with Her Scythe and protects Her devotees from even the greatest legal oppression. Traditionally, when the devotees of La Santa Muerte have a case in court, they light green candles for Her when they ask for justice and fair judgment, or black candles when they ask for protection and rescue from judgment. In both cases, La Santa Muerte always shows Her grace to those who ask. The Holy Death never discriminates and Her charm is that She has no religious limitations, rules and exclusions. She fulfills all the requests of Her children, often even those with whom the devotees wouldn't turn to other deities or saints. She is neutral and impartial. This is why She has so many devotees among those involved in drug dealing, prostitution, illegal border crossing or smuggling, who feel that Our Lady isn't judging anyone. La Nina Blanca not only protects people associated with illegal business from betrayal or ambush, but also helps fight their enemies, causing their enemies suffering, harm and death.

La Santa Muerte is an Angel to whom outlaws pray. She destroys the enemies of Her children, removes obstacles, binding ties and false people in the lives of devotees. La Santa Muerte brings us freedom and joy. The Angel of Death covers Her children with Her holy robe, protects them on dangerous paths, watches over the lost and brings them to the right path of life. The Most Holy Death sees the future and knows how to prepare us for what is to come. She knows our choices and our deepest desires. La Santa Muerte understands us, accepts and loves us all.

La Santa Muerte - Angel of Death

La Santa Muerte is the Angel of God, the Angel of Death of the Lord, obedient only to God. La Santa Muerte is the heavenly, oldest and purest Angel, a servant of the royal House of God.

The Most Holy Death belongs to the hierarchy of Archangels who constantly watch and glorify God's Majesty. She seats at the right hand of God, and God gave Her great power.

La Santa Muerte is the Angel of Death, the Archangel of Light, with the same dignity and rank as the angels Gabriel and Raphael. She belongs to the same heavenly hierarchy as the archangel Michael. This is why Our Lady accepts the figures of Archangel Michael on Her altars. Together with the archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, surround the Throne of God in Heaven and constantly proclaim the glory of the Lord, praising, blessing and serving God.

La Santa Muerte is the first Angel created by God, the Angel of Death and Light. La Santa Muerte is an Angel woven of divine fire, created by the power of God and being the first reflection of God's life. She constantly watches before the Majesty of God.

She is commonly believed to be the first Being called by God to exist in the act of Creation. The traditional story of Our Holy Lady's Three Robes is linked to the biblical story in the Book of Genesis. When Adam and Eve were brought to life, God sent an Angel of Light to them to look after them. Our Lady then got a white robe, symbolizing blessing and purity, becoming La Blanca. Then, when the first humans committed original sin and were banished from Paradise, becoming mortal, La Santa Muerte got a black robe, symbolizing Her power to take human life, becoming La Negra. And when Eve gave birth to her children in pain and blood, the Most Holy Death got a red robe symbolizing Her power over love and women's affairs, becoming La Roja. Through the opposition of Eve, humanity was banished from Paradise, through the Resurrection of Christ, the Angel of Death La Santa Muerte leads us to Eternal Glory.

La Santa Murte is the archangel of Death, assigned by God the task of leading human souls to the Kingdom of Heaven. She carries human souls before the Eternal Majesty of the Lord. She receives orders only from God, She is the Angel of Death at whose feet the rulers and powers of this world fall in humility and fear.

La Santa Muerte is the Angel of Death that frees human souls from Purgatory. The all-powerful Archangel of Death, accompanying the souls of the faithful in Purgatory, whom God's justice left in a place of temporary punishment, so that their bodies could resurrect. Together with Archangel Michael, She gives a helping hand to those suffering in Purgatory, She leads the Angels who pull people out of the purgatory abyss and out of the cleansing purgatory fires. La Santa Muerte is a powerful Archangel of Death, a slayer of evil spirits, She protects human souls from them. To those who pray to Her for help to souls in purgatory, She shows Her grace.

The Angel of Death has special mercy to the souls tormented in Purgatory. The intercession of the Angel of Death La Santa Muerte before God is assured to those who worshiped Her during their lifetime. She comes for the souls of the dead, guards them on the way to Eternity and leads human souls to God. Holy Death is the Guidess and Protectress of souls. She leads them to Paradise after death, when God grants them the blessing of seeing Death face to face. She takes them to happiness, to rest after death, to rest in the Kingdom of Heaven.

La Rosa Blanca is the Angel of God obedient to the will of the Lord. When She takes someone with Her, it is God's command. She never decides herself who should end his life. La Santa Muerte protects, blesses and teaches us. On many statues of the Most Holy Death in Mexico, we can see the inscription "en Dios creo y en ti confío" - "I believe in God and I trust in You." The Angel of Death guides us through life so that we ourselves have our own santa muerte (Holy Death).

In the New Testament, it is written in the letter to the Hebrews that Christ, when He comes again in glory will ultimately destroy the devil, through the Angel of Death. La Santa Muerte Angel of Death appears in many verses of the New Testament. In the description of the Savior's death "... and when [Christ] gave up His spirit, the Holy Death embraced Him ..." and the resurrection of the Lord "... and when the Angel of Death released Him [Christ] from Her embrace and when [the disciples] they saw Him [Christ] once again joy filled their hearts".

All Gospels describe the meeting of the Angel of the Lord, announcing the Resurrection of Christ, to Mary Magdalene and the women who came to anoint the body of Jesus with aromatic oils. It is traditionally assumed that the Angel of Light who announced the Resurrection to women was La Santa Muerte in white, La Blanca. According to the evangelist, there was a powerful earthquake, during which the Angel La Santa Muerte descended from Heaven and moved the huge stone blocking the entrance to the Savior's tomb. The Angel La Santa Muerte shone like lightning and Her robes were whiter than snow. The guards became petrified and almost dead with fear. Then the Angel of Death spoke to the women and informed them that the Lord had risen from the dead (Mt 28: 1-8). Also on the Day of Ascension, when Christ ascended to Heaven in front of His disciples, two shining Angels approached them. One of the luminous Angels in white was La Santa Muerte, the Angel of Death, who spoke: "Men of Galilee, this Jesus, taken from you to Heaven, will come just as you saw him ascending to heaven" (Acts 1: 9-11)

The Most Holy Death is the Mediatrix between God and people. Like the Archangel Gabriel who proclaims the Good News to Mary, the Angel of Death La Santa Muerte heralds eternal life to us in the last hour. La Nina Blanca is the last hope, She finds lost souls and leads them back to the Lord on the path of grace, faith and blessing. As an angelic servantess of the Lord, shows mortals a path to God that She herself has gone on Her knees. She brings people closer to the Lord, La Santa Muerte tries to turn us on the path to God with Her work. The Angel of Death rejoices in every soul restored to God. Archangel La Santa Muerte leads people to God, both in this life and in the afterlife, as She leads us from Purgatory to Paradise. Holy Death helps those who are lost, heals souls from sin, and lifts them out of the abyss of despair towards God.

The Angel of Death La Santa Muerte, the Merciful Benefactress of Humanity is a Being of Light and a quiet, peaceful death is Her blessing. People to whom Our Lady sends "holy death" feel spiritual peace and harmony. The Holy Death is an Angel of Light devoted to God. She leads you to Him when your soul leaves away from body and you have to account for your life. The White Lady then intercedes for us before God, asking for a fair trial or judgment and the Creator's mercy to Her devotees. She is the Angel who will gather the souls of all people for Judgment at the end of the world. La Santa Muerte protects us and watches over us throughout our lives, constantly accompanying us. She is an Angel healer, has the power to heal the most serious illnesses and ailments, just like the archangel Raphael.

La Santa Muerte and Mictēcacihuātl

Some devotees refer to the Aztec roots of La Santa Muerte or even believe that Nuestra Senora is the goddess of death Mictēcacihuātl. La Santa Muerte is NOT the goddess of death, but the Angel of Death, and the vast majority of devotees, including myself, see the Holy Death in this way.

The worship of Mictēcacihuātl by Aztecs was, as with other native tribes, only a spark of spiritual wisdom in seeking the glory of the Angel of Death. Traditionally, it is believed that widespread recognition of the essence of La Santa Muerte, the Angel of Death among people, came only after the Catholic faith spread in Mexico. Even so, there are now more and more devotees of Our Lady, especially which come from New Age circles, who identify Holy Death with the goddess Mictēcacihuātl.

However, we shouldn't miss the fact that the cult of La Santa Muerte as we know it today arose when the Roman Catholic faith brought by the Spaniards to present-day Mexico was combined with some elements of Aztec beliefs in Mictēcacihuātl. It is to commemorate the pre-colonial roots of Our Lady's cult I will discuss the figure of the goddess Mictēcacihuātl.

Mictēcacihuātl was the Aztec goddess of death, the Lady of Life and fertility. She reigned over the night and darkness, devoured the stars in the night sky. People believed that she have been born and then sacrificed as an infant. Ruler of the Dead who welcomed human souls in her Kingdom of Mictlan. She was believed to rest in Mictlan until summoned, residing in the temple of Night, a place in total darkness with no windows or doors. She was the protectress of souls when they left their bodies and the deity of the underworld to whom they ended up. Overseer of souls, she watched over the bones of the dead lying in Her Land.

Lady of Mictlan, Queen of the dead, protectress of souls and children, who have special protection for those who worship her. She was the Ruler of the World of the Dead, it was believed that she was older than humanity, that she has always existed since life began. Mictēcacihuātl was the wife of the death god Mictlāntēuctli, and the dark land of Mictlan was the place of their reign.

Mictēcacihuātl was depicted as a skinless female skeleton. Sometimes with remains of rotting flesh on it, and sometimes with a dress of meandering, living snakes. The face of the Queen of the Underworld was a skull with always open jaws, thanks to which she swallowed the stars, which made them invisible during the day. Mictēcacihuātl ruled over the dead, had knowledge of the secret arts and magic, gave wealth, and made possible to her devotees to find gold and precious stones.

Her companion animals were spiders, owls, dogs and bats. They were believed to have a strong bond with the goddess of death. The Aztecs worshiped the goddess Mictēcacihuātl because she was believed to be the most benevolent deity to the people of the entire Aztec pantheon. People appealed to her for healing, healing from various diseases, and a safe travel. She guaranteed the safe journey of the soul to the afterlife and was believed that She helps in the transition to Mictlan where the souls reside.

The Mother of Witches - the Aztecs always called her before starting any rituals or magical activities. Mictēcacihuātl was always present in all Aztec rituals of going underground into the kingdom of darkness of Mictlan.

In honor of Mictēcacihuātl, festivals of the dead were organized, during which the Aztecs dressed up themselves as ghosts, skeletons and phantoms. The parades were colorful, joyful and full of life. They were believed to be led by Mictēcacihuātl herself. Feasts, dances and fire shows were organized. During the festivals, multicolored costumes, bright quetzal bird feathers, colorful shells, precious stones, painted skulls and bones, richly decorated ritual masks and countless flowers were used. Currently, some remnants of the Mictēcacihuātl festivals can be found in the parades taking place in Dia de los Muertos, and the processions themselves are now part of the celebration of the Catholic all Saints Day.

The jewels, spices, precious stones, jewelry and weapons that were buried with the body of the dead were gifts to Mictēcacihuātl to win the favor of the Lady of the Underworld to the new soul in Mictlan. Flowers, jewelry and chocolate were her favorite gifts. Gifts to the goddess also included human sacrifices. Both Mictēcacihuātl and her husband Mictlantecuhtli allegedly ate the dead. The Mictēcacihuātl Temple was located in the centre of Tenochtitlan (now Mexico City) in the Tlalxico District. The mighty statue of the Queen of the Underworld was located at the entrance to the Great Pyramid. A special honor to the divine couple was given in the Aztec month of Tititl.

La Santa Muerte - the representation and personification of Death

Many devotees believe that Our Lady, above all else, is Death and has always been Death. A representation and personification of Death. She was never anything or anyone else.

La Rosa Blanca was never alive and will never be alive. As long as there is death, so long is She.

La Santa Muerte is the totality of all things, binding together what lives and what dies. The Bony Lady is Death and She is also Life, just like bones - they are both what remains of us when we leave this world and they are the building blocks of life, the basis of the human body.

La Santa Muerte was created by God on the first day of Creation. She is immortal, She lasts forever. Wherever there is Life, there is also Death. The Angel of Death exists eternally, She is beyond Life, Death, Mortality, Creation, Destruction. La Santa Muerte is eternal power.

Holy Death is the key to Immortality, the Path to Purgatory, She binds the entire Universe. She is a Question and an Answer; Truth in the mystery of existence, the Solution to the unsolvable, the Goal of all aspirations, the Fulfillment of all beings. There was nothing before Her, because She is Death, you cannot have life without death, so She has been here from the beginning of time and will be till the end. The whole of existence is revealed in Her.

The Lady of Death, as well as the Lady of All Life, moves between life and death, crossing the veil of what is spiritual and material. She holds the power over death and life, so She knows both sides of existence perfectly. La Santa Muerte is life and death, because you cannot have one without the other. She is characterized by a duality between dark and light, good and evil. The devotees understand that light and dark, night and day, white and black, good and evil coexist in Her.

La Santa Muerte always accompanies us, looks after us, we constantly feel Her presence. Some say that from the moment you are born, you live only to die - so the Holy Death has been with us from the moment we were born. In fact, already at birth, we are marked with Death, and the White Lady is the essence of our existence.

La Santa Muerte is Death, holding supreme power over life, people, the world and all spirits. Death is part of our experience as human beings, no matter what religion or what kind of existence on the other side we believe.

Death is always here - you can be sure that She will not move, She will not leave, She will never go away. Death loves us no matter what, accepts and helps us. When you turn to the La Nina Blanca, you can be sure that She will hear you and give you Her blessings, after all, you turn directly to Death. La Santa Muerte is omnipotent, nothing is impossible for Her, She can send every grace on a devotee and has access to all knowledge - after all, She is Death. Being Death, She extends the life of Her devotees and even helps them avoid their own death.

Countless masses of people pray to Her, asking if that She would appear in Her blessed form at the end of their journey, that She would be free from suffering, come quickly and painlessly. Everyone, without exception, wants the silent embrace of Muerte Querida (Beloved Death) at the end of their journey. Touch of Death is the ultimate salvation from suffering and an invitation to eternal joy in a future existence. The Holy Mother of the World doesn't take people's lives. Our Lady doesn't decide on the moment of their death - She takes with Her those, who have run out of life energy, and how many a given person had or how he used it doesn't depend on Her.

Every devotee knows that Our Lady Death doesn't choose, She is neutral and fair. La Santa Muerte comes for everyone, wise and stupid, rich and poor, powerful and weak. By entrusting ourselves with love to the Most Holy Death, we receive from Her the fullness of life - happiness, joy, fearlessness and peace. With La Santa Muerte we can live life to the full. We become freed from worries, troubles and problems through Death itself. A deep relationship with Death is a gift that will bring you closer to life.

La Santa Muerte - the energy of death

Some devotees see La Santa Muerte as Energy - infinite and inexhaustible, beating source of the energy of Death.

Existence is the eternal coexistence of life and death in which two powerful forces form a Whole. Life and death are the two pillars of the universe, where one begins, the other ends. These are two primary and opposite but complementary energies, one cannot exist without the other. The harmonious flow of energy emphasizes the interdependence of life and death, the continuity and cyclicality of the cosmos.

The interaction of life and death causes all things to arise, grow, change, and pass away. Two distinct aspects of existence which cannot exist without their opposite, death and life, find their embodiment in the Holy Death. La Santa Muerte is the Angel of Death, a power beyond all form or label, energy with a higher level of intelligence.

The White Lady is a transforming power, both the macro universe and the micro scale of man. She is a Change, a Transfiguration in glory. She transforms in a miraculous way, many of Our Lady's devotees present the view that She herself is a Change. Being the Angel of Light, She accompanies people through life, guides and helps to change the state of existence of man to a place in Purgatory. La Santa Muerte brings consolation, a light of hope in death, She is a revelation of the hope of a new existence, because She's both Death and Life. The pilgrimage of the human soul can be compared to the sun's wandering across the sky - when the sun goes down in the West, it seems to disappear for people there. However, for people on the other side of the globe, the same sun is just rising. Thus, death is simply the name of the soul's onward journey into eternity.

La Santa Muerte is a new beginning and a new existence after death. Death is not something that awaits us at the end of life, but a Reality that begins at the moment you are born and accompanies us throughout our lives.

Every person during their life instinctively takes and uses up the energy of life. He begins to use it with the first breath and does so until his last breath. He uses it most often for daily, everyday activities and replenishes it through sleep, food and the work of your own heart. The vast majority of people in the world use life energy in their activities without even thinking about it. But what about the other side of the coin? After all, what remains is the constantly growing reservoir of death energy, practically with every second. Every person, every plant and every animal, every living thing must die. The soul that leaves the body during the dying process feeds an infinite reservoir of the energy of death. Unlike the Life Energy, also known as prana, the Death Energy is practically unused. As a result, its reservoir is enormous and constantly growing. Everyone can use it effectively. Just turn to the Most Holy Death. La Santa Muerte is impartial and neutral, just like the energy of Death, you can ask Her for intercession for any purpose. The understanding of the Holy Death as the energy of death by many devotees reminds that Death is the natural fate of every living organism. Everything that is born will surely die. The only question is how much time we have left.

The awareness of human mortality accompanies many devotees of La Santa Muerte. But devotees of the Most Holy Death don't think obsessively about the end of their own existence, but understand perfectly well that we should use the remaining time on earth good.

La Santa Muerte - Queen of the World

La Santa Muerte is the Queen of the World, She wields power over the world and people. The Most Holy Death is the Ruleress of this world, and the symbolic representation of Her authority on statues and paintings is the globe in Her hand.

La Santa Muerte has great power over the physical world in which we live. Holy Death is the Queen of matter because only She has such authority over the material, physical world.

Thanks to the unlimited dominion over matter, She helps every human being in the passage from the world of matter, She rules the process of dying. La Santa Muerte has absolute power over matter, so no saint, no spirit can compare with the effectiveness of Her help in our lives. This is because, as Death, She has the power to bring about changes in the physical world, which comes from the power to lead souls from this world to Purgatory. The transfer of the soul from earth to Purgatory is to tear the veil, to overcome all barriers between the worlds. It is the highest possible interference in matter resulting from Her power and authority on Earth and in the afterlife.

La Santa Muerte is the Queen of the material world, but She also has well-set feet in the spiritual realm. Nothing can compare to the power Our Lady has in the spiritual world. The White Lady oversees the bonds of life and death and constantly maintains balance between them.

The Most Holy Death is the Queen of matter. No spiritual being has the power to cause such changes in the plane of matter as Our Lady. This is why the miracles She sends are so fast and effective. The blessings that La Santa Muerte causes in the lives of Her devotees are wonderful and there are more and more of them each day. Still new people from all continents turn to Her with requests, pleas, and their requests are quickly and effectively fulfilled. The terminally ill recover, the unhappily in love find love, convicts leave prison, the poor receive great riches. So, the number of devotees of Our Saint still grows, bearing witness to Her love and power.

The Bony Lady is the victorious Queen of this world, and so Her kingdom includes everything to do with material life on earth: love, lust, sex, money, work, relationships and friendships. La Santa Muerte can fulfill all earthly desires, satisfy every aspiration, fulfill every request, because She rules the physical world in which we live.

The Most Holy Death is our Queen, Queen of Heaven and Earth, Queen of all mankind. Her reign is filled with the desire for our happiness, the persistent care of the community of devotees and care for every human being. The reign of La Santa Muerte covers the whole earth and Her graces fall on every person.

La Santa Muerte - Folk Saint

La Santa Muerte is a folk saint loved and adored by the masses of people.

Folk saints are especially venerated in Mexico. Mexicans most often turn to La Santa Muerte, Jesus Malverde or Juan Soldado. Although the White Lady has never been canonized by the Roman Catholic Church, the vast majority of La Santa Muerte's devotees are Catholics, recognizing Our Lady as the most favorable Saint of all. La Santa Muerte is regarded as a member of the Mexican community, She is part of everyday life, daily prayer and the piety of the common people.

La Santa Muerte is the Holy Lady, surrounded by aureole of holiness, she is close to God, but also comes from the people, She is the same as every human being. The Most Holy Death accompanies everyone, She loves people and is close to them. La Santa Muerte is present in every Mexican village, Her chapels can be seen along desert roads, Her statues stand on street corners, Her paintings hang in every Mexican home.

The Holy Lady is an Intercessor before God. Those who worshiped Her during their lifetime receive the blessing of Her intercession before the Divine Majesty. The Handmaid of the Lord who intercedes for Her devotees and the worship of La Santa Muerte ensures Her protection both in life and after death. Thus, faith in the Holy Death helps in getting to Paradise, La Santa Muerte is an integral part of Christianity. Anointing of the sick, in which God is asked for "holy death", that is, "to die in friendship with God" when the sick person is terminally ill.

Some devotees, especially in Mexico, believe that La Santa Muerte is a Virgin Mary (especially Our Lady of Guadalupe), presented as She appeared after Her death.

In some regions of Mexico we can hear stories that Our Lady was once an unjustly accused virgin or a nun who was burned at the stake. According to the local tradition, the flames of the pyre didn't touch her, and the crowd watching the slaughter became terrified and began to run away. Then a Franciscan friar shouted from the crowd: "People, do not be afraid but rejoice to be able to observe the Holy Death - La Santisima Muerte."

The Holy Lady is the Helperess of humanity. Many consider Her protectiveness as the most important feature of La Santa Muerte. La Nina Blanca is constantly watching over us. Just as She cares for humanity, She looks after the dying and the sick. She specially cares for the elderly.

La Santa Muerte loves people because Our Holy Lady is like us - with all our human pleasures, likes and inclinations. La Rosa Blanca likes marijuana, tequila, mezcal, coffee, cola and tobacco. She has a taste for beautiful costumes and dresses and wears dazzling jewelry. Like us, She is thirsty, She desires and has different appetites. Saint Lady likes joints, blunts, cigars, and cigarettes, and although She cannot inhale herself, devotees do it for Her. Devotees blow smoke straight into the face of the statues of Our Lady, or put a cigar in their mouth with the reverse side and blow it into the mouth of the statues of La Santa Muerte. They also pour alcohol, mezcal, rum or tequila on statues of Our Saint Lady.

In the Mexican tradition it's said that the Holy Lady suffers a lot from lack of water, so devotees daily offer a cup filled with clean water to quench Her thirst.

La Santa Muerte is the Saint of Hopeless Situations, generally regarded as the Saint of "last chance", having the power to save the devotees from truly critical situations and events. Saint of Despair that brings comfort to those plunged in sorrow, despair and tears. Holy Lady is the only real and effective help for the devotees. Salvation of those in despair. More than once, Her miraculous intercession saved many of the devotees, ensuring them a long, prosperous life in health and happiness. Holy Death is a Healeress who generously bestows miracles of healing, regaining health, restoring strength, overcoming illness.

In many sanctuaries there are votive offerings ex votos at the feet of the Holy Lady statues in gratitude for Her graces. Often the gifts are so many that they cannot fit into the shrines. La Santa Muerte is widely regarded as the last and only hope for the sick. In front of the statues of Our Lady, we can see the devotees immersed in prayers for health. The requests for health to La Santa Muerte are among the most frequent requests of the devotees.

La Santa Muerte is our Holy Guidess and Teacheress. She guides us through life and teaches us to live a full and happy life. The Most Holy Death shows Her devotees how to live life to the fullest and how to enjoy life. Joy and the rush to live are the most common features of the devotees of La Santa Muerte, joy with every day lived, with every moment that lasts.

Devotees know that Our Lady watches over us and helps us in this life as well as in the next. Holy Death protects us and assures a safe path to Purgatory. Each devotee constantly feels Her presence. The Holy Death shows us the right way, always shows us how to solve our problems. When a man feels that there is no way out of the problems he finds himself in when he reaches the bottom of despair, Our Lady appears to bring help and consolation.

La Santa Muerte understands us because She accompanies us constantly. Devotees find in Holy Death freedom from adversities and all misfortunes. The Holy Death gives Her devotees the strength to overcome the obstacles and hardships we have in our lives.

La Santa Muerte acts on many levels to help people. She influences our lives by circumstances and the events that happen to us. Every day we witness Her immeasurable miracles. The Holy Lady is the wisest counselor and the best friend. The White Lady is a mighty Saint who makes no distinctions in the requests made to Her. Being a neutral saint, She doesn't judge or moralize. That is why She was chosen as a Patroness Saint by representatives of organized crime, drug trafficking, prostitutes, smugglers and thieves.

All devotees see Our Lady as a benevolent Saint, generously bestowing miracles of health, wealth and financial well-being. Holding the scales of justice in many images, our folk Saint is also well known in the Mexican tradition for interceding for Her children when faced with injustice and restoring equality and justice.

The Holy Lady in the red robe - La Roja - deals with matters of the heart. She bestows love, connects lovers, makes husbands return to their wives, strengthens feelings, arouses passion. She can bring a partner for life, brings harmony to relationships. Many women turn to Holy Death to give them children. A special feature of La Roja is motherly love. Our Lady personifies what motherhood includes. Her faithfulness, humility and dedication are essential aspects of motherhood. La Santa Muerte is the Mother of all of us, who gently offers us Her hand and covers us with Her holy robe. She is a role model for all women. La Santa Muerte cares for those whose mothers have abandoned them. She meets their physical, emotional and spiritual needs by caring for them with love. Our Lady always shows great mercy to Her children. Her compassion for humanity is limitless.

La Santa Muerte as a Symbol

For many devotees, as well as non-believers, La Santa Muerte is a symbol - people who are rejected, abandoned, outlawed, living outside the mainstream of society.

La Santa Muerte protects Her devotees from danger, death, all threats and understands those who live close to death (border-crossing migrants, prostitutes, drug dealers, desperately poor).

By accepting the Most Holy Death, Her devotees resist society and deny the power of authorities, thus endangering the unfair social order that is ruling today. This is why state authorities, hierarchies and services try to fight with the cult of Our Lady, often using brutal, physical violence for this purpose.

The Most Holy Death is the Protectress, Only Friendess and Mother of the Rejected by society, always accepting those who have been despised.

Those who chose the Virgin of the Forgotten as their symbol are people who live on the streets, unprotected from violence, artists, the unemployed and the very poor, housewives trying to feed their families, gang members, young people with no future or prospects, unemployed professionals, drug dealers and LGBT people, thieves and smugglers. The Bony Lady will never reject anyone. For this reason, many see her as a Symbol. Those, who are living outside society, involved in drug dealing, sex workers, thieves, homosexuals, transgender people, the poor, all kinds of outcasts - all see her as Salvation. The Most Beautiful Girl will not reject them as the state or society have. Holy Death is a symbol of those who, because of the ignorance and fanaticism of society, can be imprisoned or even killed just because they are alive or doing their job. The devotees of La Santa Muerte are very different types of people from different levels of society, because the White Lady never stands for either side. The Holy Lady is neutral and impartial, She doesn't identify Herself with any group or ideology. La Santa Muerte accepts everyone because She is Death. She loves all of us immensely. The White Lady is the Mother and Guardianess - a symbol of the despised and the lonely. She doesn't make judgments, accepting all those who turn to Her with strong faith. She is worshiped by the abandoned and the forgotten, the persecuted and the oppressed. La Santa Muerte looks after both sinners and saints.

Choosing as a symbol the Holy Death is a promise to gain a Holy, Powerful Ally who will never judge you, who will solve your problems, destroy threatening enemies and completely change your life. Moreover, La Santa Muerte is the Patroness of many affairs and everyday human worries, ranging from love and passion, through healing, to justice and law. Currently, the Holy Death is worshiped by both Catholics and followers of Islam, Wicca, paganism, Hinduism and Buddhism. Everyone can turn to La Santa Muerte because Our Lady accepts everyone the same. The Holy Death harmoniously integrates with the beliefs of every human being, therefore She become a symbol close to the hearts of people of many different faiths. La Santa Muerte is a true sign of our times.

Mateusz, La Santa Muerte Poland