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Candles La Santa Muerte Poland

Votive candles (veladoras) are the traditional form of worshiping the Holy Death. They are the basic form of communication with Our Lady, and their use is simple and intuitive.

Fire worship, candles magic, candles on the altars has been part of every religion since the dawn of time. On all the altars dedicated to La Santa Muerte we can see candles of different colors. Each candle with its color symbolizes a specific type of intention with which we turn to Our Lady.

When the request is made concrete by the color of veladoras, our requests are burnt in the fire of the candle, and the rising smoke raises them to Our Lady.

While burning, the votive candle strengthens the request or thanksgiving, and with the rising smoke, our intention goes to the Most Beautiful.

Undoubtedly, the intention will soon manifest itself in reality.

A white candle is burned when we want to thank La Santa Muerte, express our gratitude - in this context, these are thankful candles. We burn white candles when we ask for healing us or our relatives from a serious illness or various addictions, for cleansing from all negative influences, for renewal, a new beginning. It is also a candle of consecration, hope and truth. We burn a white candle when we ask Our Lady to provide us with safety, health, restore harmony and peace in our lives. It represents purity and peace.

We burn a black candle when we ask the Holy Death to protect, defend against threats, to remove danger from us. We light a black candle when we turn to the Holy Death for help in a hopeless situation, for a solution to a serious problem, to remove an obstacle from our lives or to prevent a great misfortune. It's both used to cast curses and to protect against them. Also when we ask for the destruction of the enemy, for bringing a tragedy to people harming us or our relatives, or for taking revenge. Black candle represents protection, the binding of curses and all negativism, and guarding from bad people.

The golden candle is used for all intentions regarding wealth, money, financial success. Also, a profitable transaction, achieving business success. It represents glamor, luxury, success and happiness. We burn golden candle when we ask La Santa Muerte for a successful deals, the success of our business, the provision of new customers or a bigger demand for our goods.

A green candle is burned when we ask the Most Holy Death for bringing back justice, honesty. Green candle is effective when we turn to the Holy Death in all matters related to the application of the law. Very often used in court cases, but it is important that the person should be innocent - people accused in court who have committed a crime should burn a black candle (protective) - because the green candle is a request to Our Lady to restore justice, for a fair sentence. We burn a green candle before a law trail, signing an important agreement, drawing up a contract.

The red candle is most popular among lovers and people looking for love. We burn the red candle when we ask La Santa Muerte for help in finding love, attracting the right person, bonding a loved one with yourself, arousing passionate love in the chosen one. Candle used in all matters related to passion and sexuality. Used to make La Roja arouse desire in a person of our choice, increase enthusiasm and libido. It represents lust, sexual power, vigor and passion.

The blue candle is used when we ask the Bony Lady for creativity, especially in the field of art, to improve social relations and meet new, interesting people. The blue candle for Our Lady is most often burned by artists, teachers, social activists, students and academics. It represents interpersonal communication, cooperation, friendly coexistence with everyone. It soothes social moods, helps to adapt to the whole, teaches to let go and flow of thoughts.

We burn a purple candle for the Holy Death when we turn to Her in matters related to magic, rituals, and magical activities. The purple candle represents spiritual wisdom, understanding, high vibration and spiritual energies. We burn it before commencing magical activities, rituals of passage, rituals opening passages between the spheres and astral paths. The purple candle should be burned to tearing the veil of the worlds and enhancing psychic energy and astral vibration.                     

The rainbow candle symbolizes the variety of miracles which La Santa Muerte constantly sends to us. We burn it when we ask La Santa Muerte for blessing in all areas of our lives and in the various fields of our activity. The rainbow candle contains Our Lady's blessings represented by each color.

It's very important to choose the right color of the candle to define the type of intention we have when addressing La Santa Muerte. Let us remember that the Most Holy Death hears us all the time, She listens to us constantly, even without lighting a candle.

A large number of devotees consecrate candles before putting them on the altar or lighting them, by anointing them with specific fragrances. Consecration means declaring something sacred or consecrating something for religious purposes. Catholics consecrate crosses, holy medals and pictures, Wiccans consecrate wands and chalices. Personally, I believe that candles placed on the altar of La Santa Muerte become sacred simply by the fact of offering them to Our Lady, but the practice of consecrating candles is common. Florida Water, favorite perfume, cologne or the appropriate oil is most often used for this purpose, but everything that "sweetens" our Lady's sacrifice will work. There are many types of oils for the consecration of candles on the market, but some of the more common are: Domination Oil; Lodestone Oil; Crown of Success Oil; Protection Oil; King Solomon Oil; Compelling Oil; Divine Lovers Oil; Attraction Oil; Money Drawing Oil; Abre Caminos aka Road Opener Oil; Uncrossing Oil or Destruction Oil. You can also prepare your own fragrance blend, which you think will be good for La Santa Muerte. It is important that the use of any oil is a matter of individual preference and the choice of the devotee. To bless candles, place them on the altar or, failing that, on any platform. Slowly anointing the chosen oil or fragrance essence into the candles, we turn to Our Lady:

"Most Holy Death, I bring these candles before You and I ask You to bless them. Fill them with Your light, so that their shine will testified to your glory. Fill them with Your power, so that their strength will show Your might. Fill them with Your love so that their heat will show Your love."

The given formula for the consecration of candles is an example. La Rosa Blanca is most happy when a devotee turns to Her in his own words. We burn votive candles on the altars of La Santa Muerte to worship Our Lady. When we intend to turn to the Holy Death with any intention, it is worth lighting a candle in the right color. The color of the candle used corresponds to the desired result.

The candle on the altar of the Holy Death becomes, therefore, an act of praise and thanksgiving, love or petition to Our Lady.

Mateusz, La Santa Muerte Poland