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Adoration La Santa Muerte Poland


Many people wonder how to get relation with La Santa Muerte and how to worship Her. What it really means to be a devotee of La Nina Blanca.

The bond we create with La Santa Muerte is always very personal. What the relationship will look like depends on the person, his character, faith, degree of devotion, purpose and his love to La Rosa Blanca.

La Santa Muerte is very accepting. She welcomes into Her Heart everyone who turns to Her, especially people rejected by society or in danger. La Nina Blanca treats everyone individually and uniquely.

Devotees of the Most Holy Death are all over the world, Our Lady will eventually come to everyone to lead us to the afterlife. However, La Santa Muerte is also Life itself, representing the dualism of existence. She not only leads us out of this world, but also brings us to it and accompanies us on our journey through life.

She shows us the right way, protects us from dangers and teaches us how to live and how to use the life we have been given. She is full of motherly feelings for people and takes true care of Her devotees. Devotees of the Holy Death constantly feel Her presence, the words "La Santa est presente" are repeated in many massess around the world, and the presence of Holy Lady is felt to such an extent that many devotees call Her with warm words: "My Love", "Mother", "Rose", "Godmother", "Skinny Girl". Characteristic for the Holy Death is that you don't need to be a devotee of La Santa Muerte to gain help from Her. La Rosa Blanca shows Her grace to everyone who turns to Her. Anyone who turns to La Santa Muerte in a moment of suffering, fear or other need will confirm that the help given to them by the Holy Lady was quick and effective. Many people describe the graces given to them by the Holy Death as "instant miracles".

The miracles given by Our Lady are so spectacular that people of all faiths compare them to miracles happening only in holy places. Just browse through Internet forums or topic groups about La Santa Muerte.

The number of relations and testimonies about miracles sent by the Holy Death is amazing and growing bigger every each day. We become Her messengers when we proclaim Her glory and the miracles She sent. Regardless of religion or culture, La Santa Muerte helps everyone - after all, we will all meet Her, no matter what religion we believe. The cult of La Santa Muerte is highly personalistic because each of us has our own individual relationship with the Holy Death, She comes to each of us individually, just as She takes each of us individually with Her when She finally comes for us. However, the Holy Death comes to certain people also during their lifetime to guide and protect them during their mortal existence.

She shows Her closeness to those whom She chose and to those who turn to Her for protection and help. La Santa Muerte loves all Her children like no other. She always accepts them unconditionally. In fact, to become a devotee of La Santa Muerte, all you need to do is, in the silence of your own heart, call Her directly with the words that suit you best, worship Her, recognize the Holy Death as Our Lady and entrust yourself to Her protection. Let your prayer be full of devotion - pray from the depth of your heart - and that will be enough. You do not need to be "initiated" into the cult of La Santa Muerte by anyone. It is the Holy Death itself that will guide you. You don't need any Madrina or Padrino from Mexico to teach you about La Santa Muerte. It is the Holy Death itself that will teach you. In the cult of Santisima, everyone is a priest before La Nina Blanca. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who want to earn on our Lady, the so- called "gate keepers" - claiming that they have a better bond with La Santa Muerte than you because of their origin, their experience or age - this is not true.

Contact with Holy Death is highly individualized, it depends on the depth of devotion, how big is your love to Her, personal relationship that an individual creates with La Santa Muerte and whether La Nina Blanca is willing to establish such a relation with you.

The most important is the authenticity, sincerity and strength of our devotion to La Santa Muerte.

Each person establishes a highly personalized relation with Her, a very personal contact expressed in the way that is characteristic for a given devotee, how he talk with La Santa Muerte, what gifts he offers, how he built an altar for La Nina Blanca and what is on it, does it have tattoo with Her image. The relationship with the La Rosa Blanca is beautiful and intense - the Holy Death becomes our best friend, always present Companion in this life and the next. An almost telepathic bond and communication are created between Her and the devotee, La Santa Muerte reveals Herself in everyday events, sudden coincidences, unprecedented situations, miracles She sends, smiles of fate, She speaks to us in dreams, spiritual impulses and guides us safely through the difficult paths of our lives. The Bony Lady communicates Her will, inspirations, warnings and advices to us, Her devotees in all sorts of ways, but personally I don't believe, that a candle cracked from a high temperature, an unburned wick, "faces" or "skulls" appearing in the wax or an fortune-telling from a broken egg were messages from Her, as some say. In order to establish a relationship with La Santa Muerte, you don't need to do anything special other than directly calling Our Lady with love and devotion. In the silence of your own heart, pray to the Holy Death. Confess Her love - a simple and sincere "I love you" directed to La Santa Muerte is always the best. Ask the White Lady for protection and intercession. Give yourself under the care of the Bony Lady. All the other elements of the cult of the Holy Death are only a deepening and natural development of the worship of La Santa Muerte by the devotees. The real key to worshiping La Santa Muerte is the love for Her. If we love Her with all our heart, with all our strength, La Rosa Blanca will reciprocate our feelings a thousand times.

Wonderful blessings and favors will continue to flow down upon us. From that moment on, miraculous things begin to happen in the lives of devotees, each of their actions will be accompanied by an amazing impact on all levels of life, because the Holy Death will be with them.

La Santa Muerte protects against misfortune, bad luck, enemy attacks and diseases. Holy Death brings back the joy of life, removes worries and anxieties. She is our Guidess.

The most personal form of worshiping La Santa Muerte is through prayer. It's best if the prayers to La Santa Muerte flow straight from the heart, the best are those composed by the devotee himself, expressed in his own words, but you can to use prayers already written. There are ready-made prayers, novenas and hymns in various sources such as books, websites, thematic groups and documentaries. When we pray to Her, we are connected with the spirit of La Santa Muerte. Most of the devotees then physically feel a strong thirst, often it is necessary to drink some clean water. It is a sign of the presence of the Holy Death - Our Lady is always thirsty. Each devotee of La Santa Muerte, during prayer, immersed in spiritual self- communion, surrounded by burning candles, feels peace, relief and tranquility. For examples of prayers to La Santa Muerte, see section ++ Prayers ++

The most popular form of prayer to Our Lady is the rosary. Various types and designs of La Santa Muerte rosaries can be found in botanicas, online stores and even big auction sites. Informations about La Santa Muerte rosary and praying on it can be found in the section ++ Rosary ++

Each devotee has an altar for the Holy Death, it can be said that the construction and getting bigger of the altar is the basis for the cult of La Santa Muerte. Usually devotees have an altars in their homes, but some people build altars for Our Lady in the workplaces, on the streets, in the backyard gardens, in places of special importance to them, in cemeteries or where was a miracle happened by Her. The altar can be small or large, modest or richly decorated - the most important thing is the intention of the devotee. The only thing to remember is that the altar must have an image of the Holy Death, it could be in the form of a figure, painting or even a drawing. At the altar, we worship Our Lady, we pray to Her, we talk to Her, we confide in Her, we ask for a solution to the problems, we give thanks or say rosary to La Santa Muerte. Traditionally, we offer gifts, flowers and other offerings on the altar, also we burn candles. For informations on building an altar for La Santa Muerte and worshiping it, see section ++ Altar ++

Many devotees openly and publicly testify of their devotion to the Holy Death, but this isn't necessary.

For many years, the cult of La Santa Muerte was in hiding for fear of persecution. Unfortunately, also today many people is afraid to talk about Our Lady because of fear of the family reaction, of the society in which they live, or the loss of work. Nevertheless, there are more and more people worshiping the Holy Death openly, proudly and without fear. The devotees of La Santa Muerte speak loudly about their worship of the White Lady, show their altar to others, often establish contacts with other devotees from different parts of the world or make tattoos with Her image. The tattoos depicting La Santa Muerte are a very important part of the cult. Having a tattoo of Our Lady is a visible sign of devotion and reverence, the great respect we have for the Bony Lady. Getting a tattoo of the Holy Death is a blood ritual. The blood that is shed becomes a sacrifice for Our Lady. The image of La Santa Muerte, made of mixed blood and ink, becomes the seal of our devotion. Creating a tattoo can also be the fulfillment of a promise made to Our Lady, an expression of gratitude or a tribute to La Santa Muerte. It can occupy a large part of the body and be exposed, or it can be discreet and small, it can be created by an outstanding artist or by a friend at home - the most important thing is that it should represents the Holy Death in in any image. Informations on the La Santa Muerte tattoos can be found in the section ++ Tattoos ++

It's worth emphasizing the importance of the pacts (las Promesas) getting by the devotees of La Santa Muerte. Many people became devotees of the Holy Death precisely through effective and quick fulfillment of their requests by Our Lady. The overwhelming majority of devotees claim that of all spiritual beings they have ever turned, it was from the Holy Death that they received the greatest grace, the most consistent and quickest results. In order for La Santa Muerte to help us, we should sincerely pray to Her, present our request to Her and make a promise what we will do in return for its fulfillment. It is also worth lighting candles in a color representing our intention, offering freshly cut flowers or sweets. You can also smoke a joint or cigarette blowing smoke in the face of one of the statues or drinking a coffee with Her. It's very important to strictly keep the oaths taken to La Santa Muerte in the case of their fulfillment by Our Lady. Informations about la Promesa made to La Santa Muerte can be found in section ++ La Promesa++

Often the devotees make pilgrimages to famous places of cult as worshiping La Rosa Blanca, deepening their faith or fulfilling the promise made to Holy Lady. The most famous Sanctuaries of the Holy Death are mainly located in Mexico City and these are the temple of Dona Queta in the Tepito district, Templo Santa Muerte Internacional in Tultitlán and Santuario Nacional del Angel de la Santa Muerte. In the temples of La Santa Muerte, there is a rule that every believer can pray safely day and night. Visiting the shrines of the Holy Death is an unforgettable, spiritual and mystical experience. In this way, a deep relation is established between the devotee and La Santa Muerte.

From now on, the Bony Lady will always be with you. La Santa Muerte is our Guidess, beloved Girl, best Friend and loving Mother. The greatest Angel of Death, who will also come for those who suppress even Her existence from consciousness, at the end of everyone's life.

The Most Holy Death comforts us, listens to our requests, helps us, gives advices and guides us along the winding paths of our lives. She cares for us and protects us from threats. We constantly feel Her comforting presence. An almost telepathic bond with Our Lady is formed. We hear Her voice, we feel Her love and Her attitude through the feelings and emotions that appear in us. La Santa Muerte comes into our lives in various forms, in dreams, in visions, in life circumstances. She invites us to Her and lets us get to know Her. When She appears to us, when She wants to tell us something, it depends on the color of Her robe. If, for example, La Santa Muerte appears as the Black Lady, She wants to protect us or warn us against danger, as the Red Lady (or feeling, emotion, vibration) She wants to tell us that She loves us, while wearing a golden robe heralds an inflow of money or an improvement in the material situation. This is how we practice the cult of La Santa Muerte. The devotee's living faith, his devotion to Our Lady develops harmoniously, and the Holy Death sends us Her gifts and miracles. La Santa Muerte blesses us and guards us.

Mateusz, La Santa Muerte Poland