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Angel of Death

La Santa Muerte

La Santa Muerte, Most Holy Death, Angel of Death, Bony Lady, Archangel of Light, Holy Death, la Flaquita, La Niña Blanca, Our Holy Lady, The Most Beautiful Girl, Mother Death, White Rose.

Many people can easily see the growing popularity of La Santa Muerte. The number of Her images is amazing - a skeleton dressed in feminine robes holding a scythe in one hand and the globe in the other, covered with white makeup, the face of a beautiful hooded women or veiled skull appear on T-shirts, tattoos, graffiti, movies, figurines, stickers, jewelry, drinks and even sweets. La Santa Muerte also began to appear in Hollywood productions, in such films and series as "Breaking Bad", "Savages", "Bad Boys for Life", "True Detective", "Not Forgotten" and "Penny Dreadful City of Angels". Along with the increase of Her popularity in pop culture, the figure of the Holy Death is better and better recognized all over the world.

There are few materials about the Holy Death in Poland. The website contains basic informations about La Santa Muerte, which can be helpful to people who want to get to know Her. It's an introduction to La Santa Muerte's path of devotion, the basis for working with Our Lady, and contains informations which everyone can develop to strengthen their bond with the Most Beautiful Girl. I think it's very important that it was written from the perspective of a practicing devotee of La Santa Muerte, and not from the view of an academic, hobbyist, journalist, skeptic to Her cult or just a person who wants to earn money on Our Lady.

The human curiosity about La Santa Muerte, lively personification of Death, is growing rapidly around us.

The human curiosity about La Santa Muerte, lively personification of Death, is growing rapidly around us.

The Most Holy Death is widely recognized as the miraculous protector of Her devotees. The help She provides is extremely fast, reliable and effective. Many people describe Her help as immediate miracles. It's the absolute effectiveness that gives Her so many new devotees. At the same time, She is completely neutral - Our Lady can both heal and destroy. La Santa Muerte can help you with anything you can imagine. It is enough to turn to Her with confidence and light a candle for Her of the color corresponding to your intention. Characteristic is that She doesn't judge and categorize morally neither Her devotees nor their requests or even their deeds. La Santa Muerte simply doesn't ask unnecessary questions.

She was chosen as a Patroness by people excluded by society, rejected because of who they are, how they love or how they think. Devotees who knows harsh conditions, brutal violence, lack of livelihood or a desperate social situation turn in the protection of the Holy Death, receiving the consolation of a loving Mother, whose ultimate gift is freedom from suffering and hell. The Most Holy Death accepts all of Her children just as they are. She isn't interested in what religion we believe or if we don't believe in any religion. La Rosa Blanca smiles to Her children as they overcome their daily struggles and find strength to dedicate themselves to Her. She is faithful and never abandons Her devotees.

La Santa Muerte loves all people and helps all who come to Her with love and respect.

La Santa Muerte stays with you when all your friends forget you exist.

She is called in especially hopeless cases, such as serious illness, legal problems, financial debts, lover's infidelity, protection from evil, annihilation of the enemy, bringing love or the relieve of the suffering of the dying. We can find hundreds of testimonies and relations of people blessed by Holy Death. When people pray to La Santa Muerte, real miracles happen. Countless cases of healings, new love relationships, won lawsuits, improved finances, finding a new job or release from prison are common available on the internet. People who turn to Her can easily see how their toxic relationships collapses, negative work situations changes completely and family life changes for the better. La Santa Muerte destroys the enemies and people who threaten Her devotees and will never allow anyone to harm Her children.

La Santa Muerte is gaining more and more devotees all around the world. The cult of the Most Holy Death is rapidly spreading among people of all faiths: Catholicism, Wicca, Buddhism, Gnosticism, Hinduism and paganism. Her power and might is far greater than any deities, angels, and saints you have ever dealt with. Put your worries in Her hands - La Santa Muerte knows best how to solve your problem, She will always be on your side.

Let the Bony Lady cut the tangled knots of your problems with Her Holy Scythe.

La Santa Muerte will cut off those things that are harmful and illuminate with Her lantern what has been buried or ignored by us. She is always here, She has always been here and will always be in your life. When everyone will gone, She will always be with you.

Mateusz, La Santa Muerte Poland

La Santa Muerte stays with you when all your friends forget you exist.