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Prayers La Santa Muerte Poland



The vast majority of prayers to La Santa Muerte have their roots in Catholicism. Prayers to the Holy Death are either directly taken from Catholicism and incorporated with small changes into the cult of the White Lady, or they are based on Catholic prayers in terms of calling to God, Christ, texts and structure. 

The devotees of La Santa Muerte, who are mostly Catholics, pattern the prayers to La Santa Muerte on Catholic prayers and transform the prayers used in Catholicism in such a way that they turn to La Santa Muerte in their adoration or worship the Angel of Death when they turn to God, Christ or Mary. 
Mexican devotees begin and end the prayer to La Santa Muerte with the sign of the Holy Cross, turning to the One God, the Most Holy Trinity and saying “Amen”. The litanies, prayers, songs and psalms to La Santa Muerte are often taken directly from the Roman Catholic tradition. The devotees ask La Santa Muerte for health, love and money, they give thanksgivings for the favors and miracles. 
However, there is also a difference in comparison to traditional Catholic prayers. The prayers to La Santa Muerte differ from them with certain intentions. The devotees turn to the Holy Death with requests, which they would rather not address to saints officially canonized by the Roman Catholic Church. 
The devotees are asking Holy Death for successful drug smuggling, great fortune, destruction of enemies, luck in gambling, help in crossing state borders, for the effectiveness of attacking enemies, increasing wealth or success in business. 
The traditional and oldest prayers to La Santa Muerte, written on old prayer cards with the image of the Bony Lady on one side and a prayer on the other, are passed down in Mexican families from generation to generation. 
I will give some examples of prayers to La Santa Muerte below. 
Santa Muerte, all-wise and omnipresent, Your Might and Heavenly Splendor exceed the limits of human understanding, 
Santa Muerte, Holy Death, immaculate and pure, full of light and glory, thank you for your graces, continuous blessings that you send me, 
Santa Muerte, Holy Death, Protectress and Guidess of the living and the dead, lead me to Eternity, to Paradise Bliss, to peace in Your embrace, 
Santa Muerte, Mighty Lady, you watch and protect your children, cover me with your holy robe, protect me from the dangers of the world and the snares of my enemies, 
Santa Muerte, Most Holy Death, merciless to the enemies of your children, destroy those who attack me and those who want to rise against me, The Most Beautiful Girl, White Rose, beloved Beautiful Lady, give me happiness, prosperity and love on all paths of my life, 
Most Holy Death, Mother of the abandoned and despairing, You can ease my pain and light up the darkness, save me from despair and doubt, 
Santa Muerte, Mighty Lady who sends many graces of miracles, give understanding and the gift of distinguishing good from evil, 
Santa Muerte, White Lady shining like a snow, give us a peaceful and quiet death in a dream, embrace us with your arms, console us, 
Most Holy Death, I feel Your presence in the candlelight, I see the shadow of Your Scythe, which You protect me, 
Santa Muerte You are always with me and I will always be with you. . . 
Mateusz, La Santa Muerte Poland
 “Prayer to La Santa Muerte with wings” 
My Lady Holy Death! With your powerful wings I ask you to guide my paths and with your scythe protect me from all evil. I ask you from the bottom of my heart to give me the strength to fight against my enemies and the wisdom to make good decisions. 
You are the most powerful, Santisima Muerte, that’s why many fear you, love you and beg you for miracles. I beg you to cover me with your dark robe so that my enemies stay away from my life and that I can achieve my goals. 
Holy Lady Death may your black wings protect each member of my family, do not abandon them and guide their steps so they can learn of your great power. I beg you on my knees to come to me, I am a faithful devotee who assures you until death. Amen. 
“Oracion a la Santa Muerte con alas” 
Mi Senora Santa Muerte! Con tus alas poderosas te pido que guies mis caminos y con tu guadana protegeme de todo mal. Te pido de corazon que me des la fortaleza para luchar contra mis enemigos y la sabiduria para tomar buenas dicisiones. 
Eres la mas poderosa, Santisima Muerte, por eso, muchos te temen, te aman y te imploran milagros. Te ruego que me cubras con tu gran y oscura manta para que mis enemigos se alejen de mi vida y que pueda alcanzar mis metas. Santisima Senora La Muerte que tus alas negras protejan a cada miembro de mi familia, no los abandones y guia sus pasos para que puedan conocer de tu gran poder. Te suplico de rodillas que acudas a mi llamado, soy un fiel devoto que te segura hasta la muerte. Amen. 
“Prayer to the Black Holy Death” 
Holy Death I surrender to your arms to ask you to help me, because I can no longer continue like this. Dear Black Girl, with your Scythe and your black Robe I know you take care of me, I want to ask you to put an end to all the negative energy that surrounds me and the people who have only come to cause me problems. 
My dear Santisima Negra, I know that with your protection nothing will be able to stop me and I will be able to fulfill all the goals that I set for myself. You, Girl who are duality, who will not allow evil to appear in my life, I give myself to you to ask you to take care of me and end all black magic. 
Thank you Black Holy Death that you have listened to me, you have given me your protection and I your beloved devotee, I will give myself to you and I will always talk about everything you do for me. Thank you because I know everything has already been given to me. Amen. 
“Oracion a la Santa Muerte Negra” 
Santisima Muerte me entrego a tus brazos para pedirte que me socorres, pues ya no puedo seguir asi. Querida Nina Negra que con tu guadana y tu tunica negra se que me cuiradas, quiero pedirte que acabes con toda la energia negativa que me rodea y las personas que solo han llegadoa causarme problemas. 
Mi querida Santisima Negra, se que con tu proteccion nada podra detenerme y podre cumplir todas las metas que me proponga. Tu, Nina que eres la dualidad, que no permitiras que el mal aparezca en mi vida, me entrego a ti para pedirte que me cuides y acabes con toda la magia negra. Gracias Santisima Muerte Negra que me has escuchado, me has brindado tu proteccion y yo tu amado devoto, me entregare a ti y siempre hablare de todo lo que haces por mi. 
Gracias, pues se que esto ya ha sido concedido. Amen. 
Almighty God, before Your Divine Presence, in the name of the Father, Son, Holy Spirit and Holy Death. 
Santa Muerte, Angel of Light, constantly watching the face of God with the Angels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, lead us to Heavenly Glory. 
Santa Muerte, the Archangel of God, who is the first Being called into existence in the act of Creation, show us Your Might. 
Santa Muerte, Archangel of Death leading human souls to Purgatory, show us the right way. 
Santa Muerte, Angel, Protectress of the souls in purgatory, showing Her great mercy to the souls suffering in Purgatory, show us Your grace. 
Santa Muerte, Angel Guidess of human souls, You who lead to Paradise, lead us safely to the Kingdom of Purgatory after our death. 
Santa Muerte, terrifying Angel of Death, before whom the powers and kingdoms of this world fall in fear, remove from us all evil and evil human intentions. 
Santa Muerte, Archangel of Death who stood faithfully at the cross of Christ, sanctify us and our lives. 
Santa Muerte, Angel of Death, who wept over the dead body of the Savior, and your tears washed over His body, console us in despair and sufferings. 
Santa Muerte, Angel of Light who led Christ to the Resurrection, lead us to redemption in Purgatory. 
Santa Muerte, Most Holy of the Archangels, protect us with your Holy Robe, protect us with your Holy Scythe and cover us with your angel wings. 
Santa Muerte, La Blanca, Angel Shining White, through the great power that God has given you, remove all obstacles, evil spirits and destroy our enemies. 
Santa Muerte, the Merciful Archangel of God, through the glory of God Almighty, give us Your mercy and strength. 
Santa Muerte, Shining Angel of God, free us from sorrows and sufferings, that we may enjoy eternal joy and rest. 
In the name of the Father, Son, Holy Spirit and Holy Death. Amen. 
Mateusz, La Santa Muerte Poland
“Prayer to the Black Lady - La Santa Muerte Negra” 
Santa Muerte Negra, Angel of Death, glorious dark Angel of God, I stand humbly before Your Majesty. 
My Black Lady and Guidess, you guide and protect me, show me the right way. Surround me with your constant protection in this life and in Purgatory. 
Protectress of the Purgatory Souls, lead me to the Kingdom of Despair, that I may be cleansed of my sins. Comforteress of the Suffering, Mother of the Weeping, wipe my tears away. 
Santa Muerte Negra, Archangel of Death, Your Robe is my sanctuary and Your Scythe is my defense. You protect your children from misfortune, bad luck and diseases, a mighty Guardianess in the battle against the powers of this world, unmerciful to the legions of evil spirits that threaten us. You find the lost and you bring salvation. 
Santa Muerte Negra, save me from the dangers of life and the traps set by enemies. Let the enemies, both known and hidden, have no reign over us, conquer them and send them suffering and pain. Let their bodies be dragged across the wasteland and let their souls be terrified. 
Give me spiritual wisdom, understanding, and the ability to know right from wrong. Destroy all barriers, limitations, human envy and social plots that bind me. 
Bless me Negra, my Holy Black Lady. 
Mateusz, La Santa Muerte Poland
“Prayer to the Red Lady - La Santa Muerte Roja”
Santa Muerte Roja, the Red Lady, your gifts are love and joy in life. 
I love you. 
The one who does not know you doesn’t know what love is. 
You said - “You will not be bound by earthly chains when my love embraces your heart.” . . . Santa Muerte Roja, I come to you with a broken and downtrodden heart. . . 
My love rejected me, causing me pain and suffering. My heart is bleeding and only you can help me because you are the Sorceress of Love. The cure for my pain is the balm of love, but my chosen one .............. doesn’t want to know me. 
I am begging you Santa Muerte, Red Lady crush his/her will, crush his/her heart and enslave his/her with love for me. Bring her/his to me in chains of love, make her/his come humble and on her/his knees. May he/she miss me, let him/her suffer and reflect on a missed opportunity. Deprive her/him of sleep, appetite and joy for life until he/she comes to me. 
Nina Roja, awaken in ............. the eternal Flame of Love for me. Let her heart burn with unquenchable love for me. 
Make ................ think only of me, day and night. Santa Muerte Roja, you rule love, you are the Queen of Love and you send love to your children. 
Show me your might and give me ..................’s love. 
I love you Santisima Muerte. 
Mateusz, La Santa Muerte Poland
“Prayer to the White Lady - La Santa Muerte Blanca” 
Santa Muerte in White, Nina Blanca, You shine with Glory, Light and Purity. 
White Lady, Your brightness blinds, your power heals, and humanity falls to its knees before you. You give us spiritual inspirations, long life and gentle “blessed death” in sleep. 
My White Lady, thank you, let me find solace in Your Divine Light. My Beloved Nina Blanca, full of glory and light, who give your children a gentle and peaceful death, a silent embrace of good death, 
I beg You to be with me in the last moments of my life. 
I will rejoice knowing that you are with me! 
I will be joyful because you have watched over me all my life and you guard me now! 
My Merciful White Lady, come to my aid so that I may leave this valley of tears and give You thanksgiving for eternity. 
Blessed White Lady, I’m in love and I am waiting for your Beautiful Dream, my White Girl, and at the end of my life, in your holy arms we’ll fly together to Heavenly Palaces! 
Mateusz, La Santa Muerte Poland
“Prayer to the Green Lady - La Santa Muerte Verde” 
Santa Muerte Verde, the green of your robe symbolizes Justice and Truth. Your weight constantly weighs human deeds. 
Please, rebalance it so that justice will be restored in my life. Don’t let deception, exploitation and deceit touch me. 
Protect me from theft, corruption and injustice. Cloak me with your green mantle of truth, justice and protection. 
Mateusz, La Santa Muerte Poland 
“Prayer to the Blue Lady - La Santa Muerte Azul”
Santisima Nina Azul, dressed in a blue robe, you enlighten our minds, you show the way among doubts, and you purify our thoughts. 
Santisima Nina Azul, dressed in a blue robe, you brighten the intellect that has weakened, you stimulate mental abilities, you increase creativity, and you inspire educators and teachers. 
Santisima Nina Azul, dressed in a blue robe, you expand imagination, you heal social relationships, your concern for us is endless, and your love is eternal. 
Santisima Nina Azul, dressed in a blue robe, thank you for the progress you send us, for being able to grow in your blue brightness. 
Amen, Nina Azul, Amen. 
Mateusz, La Santa Muerte Poland
“Prayer to the Gold Lady - La Santa Muerte Dorada” 
Santa Muerte Dorada, 
We are slaves: come and break our chains, 
we are in need: come and comfort us. 
Santa Muerte Dorada, 
come for what you cannot find in Heaven, 
come, because we offer you the gifts of this world: 
come for gold coins, fragrant resins and aromatic plants, 
come get mezcal, agave juice and weird cactuses. I offer you respect, love and service ... 
Santa Muerte Dorada, Golden Queen of the World, 
send brutal wealth, 
send splendor beyond measure, 
send abundance that won’t pass, 
send prosperity that lasts forever, 
send a spectacular business success, 
send shining jewels, 
send big source of income, 
send crowds of customers, 
send material resources, 
send pearls and diamonds, 
send a blessing to our plans, 
make the wheel of fortune go by, 
Santa Muerte Dorada, 
Mother of rejected and despised, 
we, your poor children, are begging you. 
Mateusz, La Santa Muerte Poland
“Prayer to the Purple Lady - La Santa Muerte Violeta” 
Purple Lady, Santa Muerte, 
show us paths that we cannot see, 
open the doors, which are closed before us, 
show the right way when we’re at a crossroads, lead us through the passages that are not safe. Purple Lady, Santa Muerte, 
lead us towards Transformation through Change, let us see who we really are, and illuminate the dangerous roads for us. 
Purple Lady, Santa Muerte, 
show us mercy, help us because we are lost and we don’t know where to go. . . 
Purple Lady, Santa Muerte, 
we, the faithful, beg you, 
let us find what we are looking for on earth. Amen. 
Mateusz, La Santa Muerte Poland 
“Prayer to the Rainbow Lady” 
Santa Muerte, Lady of every miracles and blessings, 
Your robe contains all the colors of the rainbow ... Santa Muerte, who sends lots of miracles, countless are your favors ... 
Santa Muerte, Lady of many blessings, 
I kneel and pray to You: 
bless me with health and long life through the white color of your robe, 
give me your protection and guard through the black color of your robe, 
give me love and passion through the red color of your robe, 
bless me with wealth and prosperity through the golden color of your robe, 
give me independence and inner harmony through the purple color of your robe, 
bless me with justice and truth, through the green color of your robe, 
give me wisdom and creativity through the blue color of your robe, 
Mateusz, La Santa Muerte Poland
“Prayer for Any Request” 
Holy Death of my heart, give me your protection. Holy Death of my love, free me from any traitor. Holy Death of my soul, bless me with your calm. Holy Death of my life, grant me what I ask of you. 
Holy Death of my thoughts, don’t leave me without sustenance. 
Blessed Holy Death, give me infinite happiness. Amen. 
“Oracion para Cualquier Peticion” 
Santa Muerte de mi corazon, brindame senora tu proteccion. 
Santa Muerte de mi amor, librame de cualquier traidor. 
Santa Muerte de mi alma, bendiceme con tu calma. 
Santa Muerte de mi vida, concedeme lo que te pida. 
Santa Muerte de mis pensamientos, no me dejes sin sustento. 
Santa Muerte bendita, dame felicidad infinita. Amen. 
“Prayer of the Protective Scythe” 
White Lady, Black Lady, I bow at your feet to ask you, to beg you, make your strength, your power and your omnipotence feel against those who try to destroy me. 
Lady, I beg you to be my shield and my protection against evil, that your protective Scythe cut the obstacles that stand in the way, that closed doors open and the paths be shown. My Lady, there is no evil that you cannot overcome or an impossible task that doesn’t bend before your will, I give myself to you and I await your grace. 
“Oración de la Guadaña Protectora” 
Senora Blanca, Senora Negra, a tus pies me postro para pedirte, para suplicarte, hagaz sentir tu fuerza, tu poder y tu omnipotencia contra los que intenten destruirme. 
Senora, te imploro seas mi escudo y mi resguardo contra el mal, que tu guadana protectora corte lo obstaculos que se interpongan, que se abran las puertas cerradas y se muestren los caminos. Senora mia, no hay mal que tu no puedas vencer ni imposible tarea que no se doble ante tu voluntad, a tu me entrego y espero tu benevolenia. Amen. 
Santa Muerte, my Queen, Queen of the Universe, Queen of my heart, I offer you my life. 
Your Might is great, it extends all over the world, no one and nothing can compare to You. 
Santa Muerte, Holy Mother of the world, you have endless power over us and over the whole world. I feel your presence constantly, you always walk with me, protect me and watch over me. You are the Ruleress of all life, the fulfillment of existence, the purpose of life. The blessings you send on us are many. 
Santa Muerte, Queen of the World, you give us the treasures and joys of this world: love, wealth, health, desire, friendships and work. You listen to the requests of your children, you give graces, blessings and you fulfill our deepest desires. Graces infinitely flow from your heart, you embrace all humanity with your Light. 
Queen of Angels, Queen of Heaven and Earth, Queen of humanity, glory to you. 
I entrust myself to You, 
Most Holy Death, now and always and forever and ever. 
Mateusz, La Santa Muerte Poland
“Holy Death, Lady of Darkness and Cold . . .” 
O, Holy Death, my Lady, Lady of Darkness and Cold, I come to you and beg for your protection. My Lady, take care of me and protect me from my enemies, from the traps and revenge. Cloak me with your robe and let me avoid negative coincidences. 
My Lady, you who see in the dark, take care of me, my house and my family. 
In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. 
“Santisima Muerte, Senora de la obsuridad y de lo frio . . .” 
O, Santisima Muerte, Senora mia, duena de la obsuridad y de lo frio, a ti me acerco e imploro tu proteccion. Senora mia, protegeme y cuidame de mis enemigos, de las acechansas de las trampas y las venganzas. Pon tu manto y evitame de las casualidades negativas. 
Senora tu que vez en la obscuridad cuida de mi persona mi casa y mi familia. 
En el nombre del Padre, del Hijo y del Espiritu Santo. Amen. 
“Prayer to End Family Conflicts” 
When night falls and we’re not looking, light up the heavy black clouds with your silver sparkles. Throw away with your breath, Santa Muerte, all the seeds of evil. Remove the chains of greed that bind our thoughts. Drive them out of my house, Holy Spirit of the end. Help to see in the darkness. Cut the spikes of evil with your Scythe. Let righteous joy return to my home. Destroy, Santa Muerte, any damage they can cause. Amen. 
“Para Terminar Conflictos Familiares” 
Cuando es de noche e no miramos, irradia con tus destellos de plata las negras nubes pesadas. Lanza con tu aliento, Santa Muerte, lejos del germen del mal. Quita las cadenas de materia de los pensamientos de la gente. Ahuyentalos de mi casa, Santa Espiritu del final. Ayude a ver en las tinieblas. Corta con tu guadana las espigas de la maldad. Permite que la alegria retorne a mi hogar con justicia. Diluye, Santa Muerte, lo que dano pueda causar. Amen. 
Santa Muerte, the Most Mighty Defendress, who can compare with your might? 
You rule over every being, from the smallest insect to the largest fish in the sea. 
Every man has to kneel before your Scythe. 
Santa Muerte, Most Holy Death, enemies have risen up against me, they throw bad words at me, slander me and hurt me. They intend to harm me, they poison my life at every turn. 
I am faced with misfortunes and bad luck, and I’m constantly affected by failures. 
Santa Muerte, Holy Death, cover me with your wonderful Robe so that it may be my protection against enemies and disasters. Keep away from me catastrophes and all life tragedies. 
Santa Muerte, Bony Lady, raise your holy Scythe against my enemies. Cut the ties of their lifes, deprive them of health, family and happiness. Let insects sting them constantly, wild animals bite them, and poisonous snakes crawl around their legs. Let their heads fall off their bodies and their bones rot in the dungheap. 
Santa Muerte, Mighty Lady, I am begging you for protection! You are my shelter during a thunderstorm, my safe harbor when it’s storming, My courage, my strength and my might. 
When I feel doubt, when I lose sight of my goal, you show me the right way. 
Santa Muerte, the Almighty Lady, you are my asylum and my oasis. Cover me with your shroud and protect with your scythe. I beg you, take care of me! 
Mateusz, La Santa Muerte Poland
“Prayer to Holy Death” 
Through the virtues that God has given you, I ask you to free me from all evil, danger and disease, and instead give me happiness, health, joy and prosperity. Give me true friends and keep my enemies away. Please, bless me also with love, please give me the blessings I desire with all my heart, so that I can find love, peace and happiness that I long for in my life. Amen. 
“Oracion a la Santa Muerte” 
Por las virtudes que Dios te dio, Te pido que me libres de todo mal, peligro y enfermedad y que en cambio me otorgues suerte, salud, felicidad, y benerstar. Que me de amigos, y alejes a mis enemigos. Tambien te pido que me bendigas con amor, por favor, concedeme las bendiciones que deseo de corazon, para poder encontrar el amor, la paz y la felicidad que tanto anhelo en la vida. Amen. 
Santa Muerte, Angel of Light, who seats at the right hand of God, bless us, 
Santa Muerte, Right Hand of the Lord Almighty, bless us, 
Santa Muerte, Archangel faithful to God, bless us, Santa Muerte, heavenly Angel of Paradise, bless us, 
Santa Muerte, dark Angel of Death, bless us, Santa Muerte, Eternal Divine Wisdom, bless us, Santa Muerte, Angel, standing at the Cross of Christ, bless us, 
Santa Muerte, Angel of Death, who wept over the dead body of Christ, bless us, 
Santa Muerte, Angel whose tears washed over the holy body of the Savior, bless us, 
Santa Muerte, Angel, accompanying Christ during the three days and nights after the Crucifixion, bless us, 
Santa Muerte, Angel of Death, guiding Christ to the Resurrection, bless us, 
Santa Muerte, Angel of Light, heralding the Resurrection of the Lord, bless us, 
Santa Muerte, Angel of Light, announcing Good News to women, bless us, 
Santa Muerte, Angel of Light, announcing to the Apostles the Ascension of the Lord, bless us, Santa Muerte, Angel of Light, looking after the suffering souls in Purgatory, bless us, 
Santa Muerte, Holy Angel, who are with the dying, bless us, 
Santa Muerte, Saint Angel, who frees people from prisons and slavery, bless us, 
Santa Muerte, Holy Angel, protect me in the shadow of your wings, 
Santa Muerte, Holy Angel, protect me in Heaven, in Purgatory and on Earth, 
Santa Muerte, Holy Angel, lead me to Salvation, Santa Muerte, Holy Angel, constantly intercede for us before the Lord’s Majesty. 
Mateusz, La Santa Muerte Poland
 “Prayer to Remove Obstacles” 
You, who saw Jesus Christ resurrected, Divine Godmother, who accompanies us in every minute of our lives. I give myself to You so that You can take my soul and end all kinds of obstacles that have been placed in my life. 
Santisima Muerte, remove the obstacle that paralyzes my well-being, which will allow me to live a life full of harmony, health, abundance and happiness. Cloak me with your divine robe and help me solve all kinds of problems that have occurred in the past and are still tormenting me. Take my hand, let your protective Scythe allow me to follow the path full of love and may I always carry your word and the word of our Lord Jesus Christ. 
Godmother, Holy Death, I am begging you with eternal zeal, help my soul and the souls of my loved ones who fully trust you and know that from now on there will be no barriers, obstacles or evil that can trap us. Amen. 
“Oracion Destrancadera” 
Tu que vista a Jesucristo resucitar, madrina divina que nos acompanas en cada minuto de nuestra vida. Me entrego a ti para que tomes mi alma y puedas acabar con todo tipo de obstaculos que se han puesto en mi vida. 
Santisima Muerte quita la tranca que se ha interpuesto en mi bienstar y permiteme tener una vida llena de armonia, salud, abundancia, y felicidad. Con tu manto qudivino cubreme y ayudame a desatrancar todo tipo de problemas que han ocurrido en el pasadproteco y siguen atormentado mi presente. Llevame de la mano, que tu guadana protectora me permita tener un camino lleno de amor y que pueda llevar ta palabra y la de nuestro senor Jesucristo a todo instante. 
Madrina, Santisima Muerte te ruego con un fervor eterno que me ayudes a destrancar mi alma y las de mis seres amados, quienes confiamos plenamente en ti y sabemos que a partir de este instante, no habra barrera, obstaculos ni males que nos quieran atrapar. Amen. 
“Prayer for love” 
Mighty Red Holy Death, I surrender myself into your arms and I beg you for all your love to manifest again in my life. You, Mother of friendly relationships, you know very well how much I love and miss this person (say her name) and despite my mistakes I am begging you for a chance. 
Nina Roja, I know I made mistakes, but this love I have for you, you know it is real and although things did not end as I wanted, I’m begging you for a new chance and reconciliation with (a man or a woman) I still love. Send reconciliation, forgiveness and new opportunities, and I, my Divine Mother, will give myself absolutely to You, I will believe in Your word everywhere and I will make everyone know that this love is given again and we are satisfied with Your care. 
“Oración por amor” 
Poderosa Santa Muerte Roja que a tus brazos me entrego y suplico que permitas que todo tu amor se manifeste nuevamente en mi vida. Tu, la Madrina de las relaciones ambrosas, sabes muy bien lo mucho que amo y extranoa esa persona (di su nombre) y a pesar de mis errores, te suplico una oportunidad. 
Nina Roja se que cometi errores, pero este amor que le tengo sabes que es verdadero y aunque las cosas no terminaron como lo deseaba, te ruengo una nuevaoportunidad y que la reconciliacion se de en esa relacion con el hombre o mujer que aun sigo amando. Que la reconciliacion, el perdon y unavare nueva oportunidad se manifieste, y yo mi divina Madrina, me entregare completamente, llevare tu palabra a todas partes y hare que todo as sepan que esta amor se de nuevamente y seamos felices con tu cuidado. 
Santa Muerte, pure and holy Death, pray for us, Santa Muerte, Holy Lady, pray for us, 
Santa Muerte, Star of the Sea, pray for us, 
Santa Muerte, my Guidess, pray for us, 
Santa Muerte, Savioress in dangers, pray for us, Santa Muerte, consolation in sufferings, pray for us, 
Santa Muerte, true Justice, pray for us, 
Santa Muerte, Touch of Love, pray for us, 
Santa Muerte, solace in despair, pray for us, 
Santa Muerte, Joy of the dying, pray for us, 
Santa Muerte, Morning Star, pray for us, 
Santa Muerte, Light of Heaven, pray for us, 
Santa Muerte, Throne of God, pray for us, 
Santa Muerte, Queen of Angels, pray for us, 
Santa Muerte, Divine Death, pray for us, 
Santa Muerte, Almighty Death, pray for us, 
Santa Muerte, All-wise Death, pray for us, 
Santa Muerte, Joy of all beings, pray for us, 
Santa Muerte, Guidess of all people, pray for us, Santa Muerte, Salvation of the dying, pray for us, Santa Muerte, Gate to the Kingdom of Heaven, pray for us, 
Santa Muerte, Right Hand of God, pray for us, Santa Muerte, Rose of Thorns, pray for us, 
Santa Muerte, full of grace and glory, pray for us, Santa Muerte, my Lady, pray for us, 
Santa Muerte, Tower of the faithful, pray for us, Santa Muerte, Mediatrix of our salvation, pray for us, 
Santa Muerte, Protectress of the Souls of Purgatory, pray for us, 
Santa Muerte, Handmaid of the Lord, pray for us, Santa Muerte, Guardianess of the rejected and forgotten, pray for us, 
Santa Muerte, my Comforteress, pray for us, Santa Muerte, Mighty Queen, pray for us, 
Santa Muerte, Fortress that protects us from the world, pray for us, 
Santa Muerte, Help in misfortunes, pray for us, Santa Muerte, invincible for law enforcement, pray for us, 
Santa Muerte, Ruleress of the World, pray for us, Santa Muerte, Helperess of people, pray for us, Santa Muerte, Help of those who suffer, pray for us, 
Santa Muerte, Escape of the rejected, pray for us, Santa Muerte, wonderful Lady, pray for us, 
Santa Muerte, Mighty Lady, pray for us, 
Santa Muerte, my Help, pray for us, 
Santa Muerte, Anchor of our hopes, pray for us, Santa Muerte, Divine Lady of our destiny, pray for us, 
Santa Muerte, Comforteress of those in despair, pray for us, 
Santa Muerte, safe harbor for shipwrecked, pray for us, 
Santa Muerte, Guardianess of families and children, pray for us, 
Santa Muerte, Hope of the defeated, pray for us, Santa Muerte, Defenderess of the persecuted, pray for us, 
Santa Muerte, Queen of Heaven and Earth, pray for us, 
Santa Muerte, Queen of the Universe, pray for us, Santa Muerte, Queen of humanity, pray for us, Santa Muerte, Queen of Light, pray for us, 
Santa Muerte, Holy Lady, from sorrow, save us, Santa Muerte, Holy Lady, from fears, save us, Santa Muerte, Holy Lady, from the fear, save us, Santa Muerte, Holy Lady, from despairs, save us, Santa Muerte, Holy Lady, from doubts, save us, Santa Muerte, Holy Lady, from human opinions, save us, 
Santa Muerte, Holy Lady, from all that is evil, save us, 
Santa Muerte, Holy Lady, from deceitful enemies, save us, 
Santa Muerte, Holy Lady, from all dangers that threaten us, save us, 
Through Christ our Lord, 
Mateusz, La Santa Muerte Poland
“Prayer to the Holy Death of the 7 Powers” 
Oh, Holy powerful, Protectress of all human beings, I am asking You to amend my life with Your infinite powers. Don’t let food run out on my table, don’t let loneliness take over me, destroy all injustice, help me obtain spirituality, give me the health I need and take away bad energies from my life. Thank you, my dear Holy Death. Amen. 
“Oracion a la Santa Muerte de los 7 Poderes” 
Oh, Santisima poderosa, Protectora de todos los seres humanos, yo te pido que con tus poderes infinitos enmiendes mi vida. No permitas que falte el alimento en mi mesa, no dejes que la soledad se apodere de mi, has a un lado cualquier injusticia, ayudame a obtener la espiritualidad, dame la salud que requiero y aleja las mala energias de mi vida. Gracias mi querida Santisima Muerte. Amen. 
Santa Muerte, the Black Lady, I am alone in the dark and alone in the crowd. Enemies surround me, I feel their hatred, 
I hear their slanders, I see their evil looks. 
They plot against me, they harm me, and they accumulate my difficulties. They incite each other against me, spread lies about me. 
They robbed me of my future, career and money. Santa Muerte, Black Queen, point the blade of Your Scythe against those who wish me bad. 
Send them sickness, plague and misfortune. Knock down my enemies, rip their hearts out and rip the skin off their faces. 
Sink the corpses of my enemies in the mud and dirt, where people and animals defecate. 
Let them putrefy in the dungheap. Let them be a food for vermin, a habitat of abominations. 
For the torments inflicted upon me in life, bind them and leave them in sufferings, so that they understand the pain they caused me. 
Amen, Santisima, Amen. 
Mateusz, La Santa Muerte Poland
“Prayer during Sorrow” 
Mother who protects my home, hugs me when I need you most and protects me from all evil. 
My beautiful Saint, my desperation has made me a lonely person and sadness has overwhelmed me, I don’t know what to do and I am desperate. Powerful Holy Death, I need peace in my heart and that all the sadness I feel in these moments of my life will disappear. 
My dear and beloved Girl, I only trust that you will hug me and shelter me with your robe, because loneliness has destroyed me and I know that you can give me a new chance, a new beginning that will make me forget. 
Please, my Girl, glorified Holy Death, take care of me. Help me in these times of sorrow and I will dedicate myself to You zealously, proclaiming Your word to all people who are in sorrow. Amen. 
“Oracion Para La Tristeza” 
Madrina que protege mi hogar, me abreza cuando mas te necesitoeny me aleja de todo mal. Mi Santita hermosa, mi desesperacion me ha convertido en una persona solitaria y la tristeza me ha embargado, no se que hacer y estoy desesperado. 
Santa Muerte poderosa, necesito paz en el corazony que toda la tristeza que siento en estos momentos de mi vida, desaparezca. Mi Nina querida y adorada, solo en ti confio que me abraces y con tu manto me abrigues pues la soledad me ha destrozado y se que tu me puedes dar una nueva oportunidad, un nuevo comienzo que me haga olvidar. 
Por favor, mi Nina, Santa Muerte adorada y que te preocupas por mi. Socorreme en estos momentos de tristeza y yo me entregare fervientemente llevando tu palabra a todas las personas que pasen momentos de tristeza. 
Santa Muerte, Light of my life, be with me, 
Santa Muerte, my one and only Help, be with me, Santa Muerte, my Escape, be with me, 
Santa Muerte, my Protectoress, be with me, 
Santa Muerte, my Guidess, be with me, 
Santa Muerte, my Hope, be with me, 
Santa Muerte, my Advisor, be with me, 
Santa Muerte, my Friendess, be with me, 
Santa Muerte, my Beloved, be with me, 
Santa Muerte, my Blessing, be with me, 
Santa Muerte, my Sister, be with me, 
Santa Muerte, my Queen, be with me, 
Santa Muerte, my Guardianess, be with me, 
Santa Muerte, my Holy Death, be with me, 
Now and always and forever and ever, 
Mateusz, La Santa Muerte Poland
Santa Muerte, Mother of the Night, watch over me when my body is asleep. Guard me and protect me. 
Santa Muerte, Lady of Shadows, Bind all disembodied enemies and their nightmares away from me. 
Santa Muerte, Queen of the Night, cover me with your starry robe, send me a dream in your arms. Santa Muerte, Queen of Shadows, let me rest in cold, silence and darkness. 
Santa Muerte, Mother of Darkness, guard me in the Dark. 
Mateusz, La Santa Muerte Poland
"Through the 7 powers of la Santa Muerte...”
Through the 7 powers of la Santa Muerte, 
through the 7 wonders of the world, 
through the 7 colors of the rainbow, 
through the 7 objects that my Nina Blanca carries, through the 7 days of the week... 
Through this magic number, Santisima Muerte, help me find spiritual and material wealth and an ideal person. Help me that each color will bring me success in my life, that random events bring me 7 times satisfaction and I humbly say 7 prayers to you. 
Protective Holy Death, give me the success I need, mighty Nina Blanca, you who have the power to choose our destiny, please help me achieve all my desires, dreams and goals. 
Now and always and forever and ever . . . 
“Por las 7 potencias de la Santa Muerte . . .” 
Por las 7 potencias de la Santa Muerte, 
por las 7 maravillas del Mundo, 
por los 7 colores del Arcoiris, 
por los 7 elementos que porta mi Nina Blanca, 
por los 7 Dias de la Semana... 
Por este numero magico Santisima Muerte, ayudame a encontrar la riqueza espiritual, material y a la persona ideal. Ayudame, que cada color sea un exito en mi vida y que en los juegos de azar me den 7 satisfacciones y yo humildemente te rezo 7 oraciones. 
Santa Muerte Protectora, dame el exito que necesito, Poderosa Nina Blanca, tu que tienes el poder de elegir nuestro destino te pido me ayudes alcanzar todos mis anhelos, suenos y metas. 
Asi es, asi sea, y asi se . . . 
Santa Muerte, my holy Angel, at the time of my birth the Lord entrusted my soul to your protection. 
Then you became my Defenderess, Guidess, Friendess and Guardianess. 
I have never asked you for help in vain, never unnecessarily called on your name. 
That’s why now I stand before you, my Angel of Death, my Mighty Lady, and beg you with trust for your protection. 
Do not refuse to help me, my holy Sister, do not refuse my requests, but listen to my cry. 
Mateusz, La Santa Muerte Poland
“Prayer to the White Holy Death” 
Dear White Girl, who will always listen to me, embrace me and care for me. 
Beautiful Saint Patroness, I am looking for You because I am desperate and let me find shelter under Your beautiful White Robe so that my life becomes better. 
Mother, who gives me peace, cares for me and purify every soul that approaches you, I beg you and I kneel before you to ask you to help me solve all the conflicts that haunt me. 
My White Girl, now that I give you my worries, I know that you will help me and cloak me with your beautiful Robe that will give me harmony and the answers I need to get. Thank you because since you are by my side my life has changed, you bring me peace and all the things I asked you for and the problems I had have been resolved. 
“Oracion a la Santa Muerte Blanca” 
Querida Nina Blanca, que siempre me escuchas, me abrazas y cuidas. Hermosa Patrona, te busco, pues estoy desesperado y recurro a tu hermoso manto blanco para que mi vida pueda transofmarse en algo mejor. Tu, que eres la Madre que me da paz, quien me cuidara y la purificadora de cada alma que se te acerca, te ruego y me arrodillo ante ti para pedirte que me ayudes a solucionar todos los conflictos que me asechan. Mi Nina Blanca que ahora que te entrego mis preocupaciones, se que me ayudaras y me cubriras con ese hermoso manto que me dara armonia y las respuestas que necesito para perseverar. 
Gracias porque desde que estoy a tu lado, mi vida cambio, me traes paz y cada una de las cosas que te pido y los problemas que tengo, de solucionan. Amen. 
Santa Muerte, Holy Death! 
My Patroness, my Queen and Guardianess of my life! 
I fall on my knees before you, 
I throw myself with trust into your arms, 
I rest in peace under the shadow of your Scythe. Guard my soul as immortal as you are. 
Guide me among wastelands. Don’t forsake me amid the dangers of this world. 
Mateusz, La Santa Muerte Poland
CRY TO LA SANTA MUERTE, (based on the Catholic Prayer to the 9 Angelic Choirs) 
Santa Muerte Shining, inflame me, 
Santa Muerte the Wisest, teach me, 
Santa Muerte the Most High, give me peace, Santa Muerte the most Powerful, command me, Santa Muerte Heavenly, strengthen me, 
Santa Muerte Undefeated, defend me, 
Santa Muerte Reigning, rule me, 
Santa Muerte the Most Dignified, guide me, 
Santa Muerte, Holy Death, watch over me that I may serve the Holy Trinity, bless and glorify You, now and forever and ever. 
Mateusz, La Santa Muerte Poland