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Symbolism La Santa Muerte Poland


La Santa Muerte is the Archangel of Death, Our Holy Lady, Holy Death. She is beautiful, mystical and eternal. Her appearance leaves an unforgettable impression in a person.I will describe the image of the Holy Death and the symbolism associated with Her. In order for the image of La Santa Muerte to be in line with tradition, it must have some characteristic attributes.

La Santa Muerte is depicted as a female skeleton wearing long robes tied with a rope. Her face is a hooded skull or the face of a beautiful woman in death makeup, over which an aureole of holiness shines with a golden glow. In some images She has angel wings as She is the Angel of Death. In Her bony hands She holds a scythe and a globe. Next to Her, we can see owls and an hourglass.

The image of La Santa Muerte in human minds has remained basically the same for centuries, but many devotees have many different representations of Our Lady. Each devotee shows his or her worship in a different way, which finds expression in an uniqe way of portraying La Santa Muerte. Many devotees create their own statues or paintings of Our Lady, others sew or match selected robes or outfits on the statues of the White Lady, others may find a corresponding image in the rich offer of botanicas, religious or esoteric stores.

Holy Death is usually dressed in long robes with a hood. La Santa Muerte prefers beautiful dresses, royal robes. Sometimes She wears robes similar to those on the images of Mary, sometimes it is a nun's habit. In Mexico, tradition tells us that Our Lady doesn't even wear a robe, only a nun's habit or a wedding dress (nuns wear wedding dresses when they take their first vows as novices when entering a convent). She also appears in the costumes of flamenco dancer, native American or in a robe made of banknotes.

Sometimes She holds only a scythe in bony hands, sometimes She has gold and shiny jewelry, a diamond tiara on a long-haired wig. Rings shine on Her bony fingers, and under Her feet there are monetary offerings in many currencies. La Santa Muerte often appears as a beautiful woman with black and white death make- up on Her face resembling a skull. Her head and long hair are covered with a veil, and She holds a scythe in Her delicate white hands.

Another one of the most common images of the Bony Lady is La GuadaMuerte - a fusion of the images of La Santa Muerte and Virgin Mary of Guadalupe. La GuadaMuerte is a depiction of La Santa Muerte dressed like the Virgin of Guadalupe, in a blue veil with stars, a red dress, with a fiery yellow aureole over Her head, in a prayerful pose. It's also necessary to clearly distinguish the representations of La Santa Muerte from the satirical drawings of La Catrina. This is a common mistake. La Calavera Catrina is a female skeleton, created by the Mexican satirist artist Jose Guadelupe Posada, intended to be a satire on the influence of European culture in 20th century Mexican society. In this way, the dressing and style of behavior alien to Mexicans, a kind of Europeanization of the upper spheres of Mexican society, were mocked. La Calavera Catrina wears European dresses from the 19th century, large hats and an umbrella, characteristic of women of that era. She has heavy makeup and is depicted in the exalted poses of a European aristocrat.

La Santa Muerte the Angel of Death is portrayed in robes of seven colors. Each color of Our Lady's robes represents a specific domain and powers ruled by the Most Holy Death. Every aspect of La Santa Muerte defines an associated domain of the reign of the Queen of the Universe. Traditionally, we distinguish 3 colors of La Santa Muerte robes - black, white and red. Many believers, especially in Mexico, are devoted to just these three colors.

Therefore, the practice of the cult of the Holy Death is called the System of Three Robes. The 3 colors, traditionally La Blanca, La Roja and La Negra, symbolize three different aspects of Her power, the three types of death that each robe collects, and the three states of existence after death, Heaven, Purgatory and Hell.

The three robes come from folk Catholicism, which is the oldest and most traditional way of worshiping the Angel of Death. Traditionally, the creation of Her Three Robes by God is linked to the biblical story in the Book of Genesis. When Adam and Eve were created, God recognized that they needed protection and sent an Angel of Light to them. La Santa Muerte then received from God Her white robe, symbolizing blessing and purity, becoming La Blanca. When our first parents committed original sin, they were expelled from Paradise and became mortal. La Santa Muerte then received from God her black robe, symbolizing the power to take people's lives, and became La Negra. And when the great mother Eve was giving birth to human children in pain, suffering, despair and blood, the Holy Death received from God red robe symbolizing Her power over love and women's matters, becoming La Roja. Our Lady's power and might is given to Her by God, as it is to any other Saint or Angel. La Santa Muerte is not a Goddess!

Over time, more colors of the robes of the Holy Death began to be distinguished, which created a coherent and harmonious whole. Most of the devotees who turn to Our Lady with a specific intention, pray to the Most Holy Death dressed in a robe, which corresponds to the nature of the request. The robes can be one of seven different colors, each representing Her power, the side of Her personality, or the area where She is known to help. Regardless of the color of the robe, La Santa Muerte is always the same Holy Death, our beloved Lady. The colors of the robes She wears are just different aspects of La Santa Muerte.


La Nina Blanca

The Most Holy Death in a white robe heals and cleanses. Her power is divine, comes directly from God. She sends harmony, sends inspirations for spiritual grow. La Nina Blanca emanates kindness, delicateness and soft light. Motherly, caring, loving. She brings purification, blessing and a long and healthy life. She bestows the "good death" that we probably all would like - a gentle, peaceful death of old age in a dream. La Santa Muerte frees you from addictions, cuts off all bad influences, supports the convalescence process. She ensures good health, both physical and mental, protects against accidents and diseases. She takes special care of children, many mothers pray to the White Lady when their children are sick. La Nina Blanca neutralizes negative energy, jealousy, resentments, breaks bad luck, resends curses and heals family relationships. Her domain is protection against evil, misfortunes and evil spirits. Thanks to La Santa Muerte in white robe, we receive many blessings, miraculous healings and obtain spiritual and bodily purity. Feelings of thanksgiving, gratitude, cleanliness, emotional stability, and understanding. We turn to the white aspect of Our Lady when we start new activities, new projects, new work - She patronizes new beginnings. We pray to Her for health, relief and stabilization. Her gifts are truth, peace and knowledge.


La Nina Negra

La Santa Muerte in a black robe is the Protectress and Guidess of people and the Keeperess of souls. La Nina Negra is a manifestation of God's Power. Omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. The Angel of Death in a black robe is a powerful Defenderesse, She provides absolute protection, saves from the greatest oppression and the biggest dangers. The Black Lady is an iron barrier to Her children's enemies, hostile spirits or forces, She casts out evil people from our lives. La Nina Negra is responsible for attacking enemies, taking revenge and retaliation. Her domain is black magic. She protects against physical or spiritual attacks, stops hostile spells, and is often called upon to both protect against curses and send curses. La Santa Muerte in black robe destroys the devotee's enemies, hides Her children from danger, allows them to avoid the attention of law enforcement agencies or courts. She eliminates uncertainty, worry, fear and care. La Nina Negra gives us knowledge, wisdom, willpower, prudence and insight. She teaches us what is really important, makes us remember that each day may be the last, transmits the knowledge that social and political ties and conventions are irrelevant, negation of limiting barriers and harmful obligations. Feelings of power, absolute, protection, care and security. La Negra protects Her devotees with Black Robe and protects them from threats with a Holy Scythe. She is caring and watches over the fate of every human being. She directly interferes with the worshiper's life when in danger, has the power to influence events in the physical world. La Nina Negra takes care of humanity, protects Her children. She is the Queen of the Universe, she has power over people, the dead and spirits, and provides contact with the world of spirits.


La Nina Roja

The Lady in Red has always been called for all matters of the heart. La Nina Roja is Love. Her domain is love, passion, sex and lust. Red Santa Muerte is the Guardian of the heart, love passion and joy of life. Women pray to Her to find a husband, to choose a good candidate, to return of their fiancés. Men pray to that the girls will feel love to them or that the chosen girl will be attached to them. It is to Her that the love spells are directed. La Nina Roja is the patroness saint of marriages and families, gives people the gift of long-term relationships. She can attract desired partners to us, improve or weaken an unwanted relationship. La Nina Roja ensures healthy relationships between partners, emotional stability, marital fidelity and strengthens family ties. La Santa Muerte in a red robe sends passion, stimulates interpersonal magnetism and sexual attraction, arouses desire between long-term partners. Thanks to Her, women find their chosen ones, and men find their dream wifes. Feelings of passion, vitality, desire, life force. She takes special care of families. Gives fertility, sends a miraculous birth to those unable to have children, helps infertile women to become pregnant, La Roja causes a loving transformation of man, transformation of the whole being in Love.


La Nina Dorada

La Santa Muerte in a golden or dollar robe bestows wealth, financial success, money and prosperity. We pray to Her in matters relating to money, business, material things and business plans. La Santa Muerte is the Queen of the world, so everythin what's in it belongs to Her. All the riches of this world, all gold, precious jewels and pearls belongs to Her, therefore only She can give you riches. Devotees pray to La Santa Muerte in a golden robe to find employment, change their job for better or more profitable, business development and success in business. She doesn't matter if you are unemployed looking for a job, a petty street vendor or the owner of a big company - Nina Dorada will give you economic success, income and a large number of clients. Golden statues of La Santa Muerte can be found in shops, offices, banks, stalls, office buildings - wherever La Dorada helps Her children achieve financial success. She opens the door to business opportunities, blesses business, reveals new ideas for earning money, new plans for development. She also brings the luck and success that gamblers, players and betting people need. La Nina Dorada provides protection of properties, real estates and care over all projects. Feelings of abundance, wealth, luxury, material wealth, happiness and splendor.


La Nina Verde

The domain of the Green La Santa Muerte's power is justice in it's broadest sense. La Nina Verde brings justice both during the trial and in interpersonal relations, She imposes honesty and truth. The green La Santa Muerte is often portrayed with scales because justice and balance are Her gifts. She is the Patroness of all legal professions, people who draw up pleadings, official letters, sign contracts and obligations ask Her for help. The accused in unfair trials pray to La Nina Verde that She will restore justice (however, when a person is actually guilty, it's necessary to ask Black La Santa Muerte for protection), to ensure that the trial is properly conducted, to force liars to be truthful and honest. La Nina Verde affects people's judgment - of courts, society, and the family. Justice, ethics, law, honesty, diligence and responsibility.


La Nina Azul

The blue aspect of La Santa Muerte provides creativity, inspiration, perseverance, concentration and patience. We turn to the Blue Lady in matters of everyday life, creating social bonds, meeting new friends or improving relations with the current ones. La Nina Azul is the Patroness saint of students, educators, teachers, artists, young people as well as the daily activities and social relationships on which we depend. Holy Death in a blue robe bestows new ideas, new friendships, the joy of carrying out the daily activities of a normal life, the perspicacity and learning ability that learners and students prefer. La Nina Azul increases social wisdom, destroys rumors, protects against evil intentions of bad people. We ask Her to build long-term and stable relationships, repair broken family ties, and improve social relationships.


La Nina Violeta

The domain of La Nina Violeta is magic and magical initiation, all magical activities. She gives psychic power, understanding of magic, assists in all magical activities and carries out initiations. She is the Guardianess between the spiritual and material worlds. La Nina Violeta guards the passage between the worlds. La Santa Muerte in a purple robe has the power to bring prophetic dreams and the gift of knowing the future. Feelings of transformation, assertiveness, spiritual peace, change and independence. La Violeta increases the energetic and spiritual vibrations, strengthens spells, neutralizes bad energies, protects the home and our loved ones. We pray to the Purple La Santa Muerte for inner harmony, changing the situation from negative to positive, breaking negative energies and removing energetic blocks.


La Santa Muerte, in its rainbow robe, symbolizes the multitude of graces and blessings that Our Lady bestows on us. Many colors mean the variety of miracles that are sent. Rainbow La Santa Muerte brings a powerful effect of every power represented by a given color. The multi-colored Holy Death watches over various planes of our lifes and activities. It is a universal aspect of Our Lady, to whom we turn to in all kinds of needs and requests. Rainbow La Santa Muerte takes special care of LGBT+ people.


The Most Holy Death is known by many names. Each devotee calls La Santa Muerte with his favorite nickname, unique to him. Below I will list the most famous titles of the Angel of the Most Holy Death.

La Santísima Muerte - the Most Holy Death

La Sagrada Muerte - Holy Death

La Dama Negra - The Black Lady

El Ángel de la Muerte - Angel of Death

La Niña Blanca - The White Girl

La Niña Hermosa - The Most Beautiful Girl

La Rosa Blanca - White Rose

Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte - Our Lady of Holy Death

La Querida Muerte - Beloved Death

El Angel del Señor - Angel of the Lord

La Dama Blanca - the White Lady

La Flaca - Slim Girl

La Santisima - the Most Holy

La Dama Huesuda - Bony Lady

La Flaquita - Skinny Girl

La Rosa Negra - Black Rose

Dona Sebastiana

La Dama Poderosa - Mighty Lady

La Nina Bonita - Beautiful Girl

La Santa Niña Blanca - Holy White Girl

La Dama Maravillosa - Miraculous Lady

La Cabrona - the Hag

La Bonita - Beauty

La Señora de las Sombras - Lady of Shadows

La Santa Emperatriz - Holy Empress

La Señorita Encantadora - Beautiful Lady

La Madrina - Godmother

El Ángel de la Gloria - Angel of Glory

La Dama Flaca - Skinny Lady

Mi Niña Bonita - My Beautiful Girl

La Señorita Huesuda - Bony Lady

La Niña Roja - The Red Girl

El Ángel de la Guarda - Guardian Angel

La Reina de la Pasion - The Queen of Passions

La Niña Negra - Black Girl

La Dama Huesera - Bony Lady

La Madre de las Lagrimas - Mother of Tears

La Huesuda - Bony

La Señora Negra - The Black Lady

La Reina del Universo - Queen of the Universe

El Angel de la Gracioso - Gracious Angel

La Poderosa Señora - Mighty Lady

La Comadre - Compeer

La Hermana - Sister

La Niña - The girl

La Negrita - Black Belle

La Madre de los Perdidos - Mother of the Lost

Mi Reina - My Queen

La Pelona - The Bald Girl

La Señora de la Noche - Lady of the Night

La Hermana Hermosa - Beautiful Sister

La Niña Santa - The Holy Girl

La Flor Blanca - the White Flower

La Hermana Blanca - The White Sister

La Señora Blanca - The White Lady

La Hermana del Luz - Sister of Light

La Santa Sebastiana - Saint Sebastiana

La Doña Bella Sebastiana - Beautiful Lady Sebastiana


The Most Holy Death is depicted surrounded by various objects. The two most common objects that La Santa Muerte holds in Her hands are the scythe and the globe, but many others also appear. Below I will present the symbolism of objects in the images of Our Lady.


It symbolizes the power of Holy Death over life and death. The scythe is an important attribute of the Angel of Death - it's used to collect the souls of the dead by cutting the thread of life, the silver cord connecting body and soul. It represents the sacred moment of death when Our Lady comes for us. The scythe is a symbol of death and resurrection, end and new beginning, and hope for a joyfull existence after death. Thanks to it, the Most Holy Death cuts problems, the inextricable knots of tangled life situations, the traps of addictions, cuts off negativity and harmful people, eliminates bad influences. The devotees of La Santa Muerte interpret the scythe, often carried in Her right hand, as a symbol of justice, because Death affects everyone regardless of their name, wealth or position during life. Also, its long handle means it can reach anywhere and for anyone. The scythe of the Angel of Death, being a symbol of the harvest, represents the abundance of graces that the Holy Lady sends us. As a harvesting tool, the scythe also symbolizes hope and prosperity.


Sometimes we can see images of the Holy Death in which She holds a burning oil lamp in Her hand. La Santa Muerte is said to be holding an oil lamp to illuminate the paths of Her children's lives. Thanks to it, She dispels darkness, dangers and obstacles, with the help of the light of an oil lamp, the Angel of Death guides us through the paths of our lives. The flame in Our Lady's lantern burns forever, symbolizing the immortal existence of the spirit after death. The oil lamp is enlightenment and new ideas. It shows us a goal in life, which is our Lady's devotion. The lamp symbolizes intelligence to illuminate the darkness of ignorance and doubts.


The robes represent the protection that the Angel of Death surrounds Her devotees and the security She provides them. In Her robes, the Most Holy Death hides Her children. The Angel of Death protects the whole world with Her robe. The Shroud La Santa Muerte wears shows us that She is Death and reminds us of our quickly passing mortal existence.


The Bony Lady usually holds the globe in Her hand, which means She has power over the whole world. Sometimes She stands on it, as do some representations of Virgin Mary of Guadalupe. The globe that La Santa Muerte holds is a globe with clearly defined continents. La Santa Muerte is the Queen of this world, all earthly powers are under Her reigns. The globe represents the immense power and reign of the Most Holy Death over the earth. It also means that Our Lady is omnipresent, She can appear anywhere. The earth globe tells us that the Angel of Death makes no distinctions between Her children, nor by race, nationality, tradition, culture, gender or property status.


The Holy Death often holds the scales of Justice, representing balance and justice. Scales refers to the impartiality of the Holy Death as well as to God's will, which the Holy Lady fulfills. La Santa Muerte uses the scales of Divine Justice to restore balance and peace to the world. Scales is a symbol of Divine Justice that Our Angelic Lady does in His name, and a symbol of Her power over the earthly legal system. The Most Holy Death is known for the effective help given to the devotees in courtrooms around the world and one of the most important gifts of La Santa Muerte is to do justice in cases where Her child has been harmed. Scales is a symbol of the equality, universality and impartiality of the Angel of Death, as well as the balance and harmony that La Santa Muerte brings in our lives.


La Santa Muerte is depicted with one or more owls sitting at Her feet or on Her shoulders. Traditionally, the owls accompanying Our Lady are the souls of people who were especially devoted during their lifetime to the Angel of Death, who agreed to help Her after their death. Owl - El Buho, Lechuza is the Messenger of the Most Holy Death. Although La Santisima hears all our prayers, many devotees have special respect for the owl as a messenger of the Beautiful Lady who will reliably deliver our prayers. The owl is so inseparably associated with Our Lady in tradition that the owls appearing in our surroundings mean the close, watchful presence of La Santa Muerte. When a person is not a devotee and sees owls around him, it means that the Most Holy Death wants him to come into contact with Her. The owl symbolizes our Lady's all-wisdom and Her ability to walk in the dark. Our Lady's messenger represents the night, being in the dark and seeing through the dark. Perfect vision in the dark means wisdom, enlightenment and knowledge in the midst of chaos. Owls are associated with witchcraft in Mexico, Europe and around the world.


The skull appears in the hand of the Angelic Lady or is hung by Her robe. Sometimes we see images of the White Lady on which She stands on a pile of skulls, other times the skulls are part of the hilt of Her scythe. The skull signifies the reign of Holy Death over life and over us. It is a symbol of the death, transience, ephemerality and shortness of our lives. The skull is also a sign of Golgotha - Golgotha in Aramaic means "place of skulls" - that is, the place where Christ and the Most Holy Death meet.


There are many images of which the Holy Death has angel wings. They mean that La Santa Muerte is the Angel of Death, the Angel of the Lord, the Messenger of God, the heavenly being of Light, the Archangel of the same heavenly hierarchy as Archangel Michael.


In many images, La Santa Muerte holds a crystal ball in Her hands. The crystal ball symbolizes that the Holy Death sees the past, the future, and is everywhere in the present. The sphere testifies to Her omniscience, omnipresence, Her infinite wisdom and insight into everything.


The hourglass represents death, the transience of earthly existence, the passing time of life on earth, and the belief that death is not the end because the hourglass can be turned over to start again. It is a symbol of the passing of time and a new life because after lifting the hourglass there is a reset and the sands begin to measure the passage of time again. It reminds us to make good use of the passing time that we have left on earth. The hourglass shows La Santa Muerte's connection to time as well as to the worlds above and below. It also symbolizes patience.


The Most Holy Death sometimes holds in Her hand a book that symbolizes Her omniscience. The book also represents truth, wisdom, and destiny. An open book can also be a presentation of the Bible or the Gospel as La Santa Muerte is the Angel of the Lord, the Archangel of Light.


In some images we see the Holy Death on the throne, which symbolizes Her power over all living beings as well as spirits, especially the souls of dead people in their afterlife. The throne means that La Santa Muerte is the Queen of the Universe.


The tiara symbolizes the aureole over the figure of Our Lady, testifying to Her great holiness. The tiara or sometimes the crown adorning the head of the Angel of Death reminds us of Her dominance over the living and the dead, Her divine power and might.


The mirror in the hand or surroundings of La Santa Muerte reflects negative energies and curses. Thanks to Our Lady it allows the devotee to see himself in the truth - as he really is.


The cross, sometimes also with the tormented body of Jesus, is very often placed in the images of the Most Holy Death. The cross signifies the Christian origin of Our Lady, the fact that She is the Angel of Death, the Angel of God and the Guidess of human souls. It also reminds us of the meeting of the Holy Death and Christ in the afterlife.


Often we can meet the images of La Santa Muerte with a plague cross, a caravak's cross. It has the appearance of a vertical trunk with two crossbars, the top of which is slightly shorter than the bottom. It was used as protection against plagues and epidemics, mostly against plague air. In the images of the Holy Death, it means protection against misfortunes and diseases, accidents and sudden deaths, curses or insomnia.


It is common practice, especially in Mexico, to place seeds under the statues of La Santa Muerte. Typically, these are beans, barley grains and peony seeds. They symbolize the protection that Our Holy Lady surrounds us and they attract good luck. They represent the abundance, health, fertility, wealth, emotional stability and financial well-being that Holy Death bestows on us. Sometimes La Santa Muerte holds an ear of grain, which represents generosity and the abundance She brings to Her devotees.

Mateusz, La Santa Muerte Poland